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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A quick visit

How you've all been?

We're the house of sick, at the moment.

For example, yesterday, I did five loads of extra washing; the need arising from an explosion of bodily fluids. Puke, wee, poo - you name it.

The kid's noses are aqueducts of snot, delivering their promise all over my shirts and pants. It looks like I have had teams of snails crawling over me.

On the good side, I have discovered Amy Winehouse. Listened to her yet? You must. She's a grown up Joss Stone; bad ass and awesome.

Comments on "A quick visit"


Blogger Bon said ... (1:06 am) : 

sympathies from our house of sick to yours. ours started Sunday morning when the boy's nose ran free and clear like a mountain spring, and i thought "maybe it's allergies!" so i washed every freaking soft surface in the $*&%$ house, more laundry than should ever by done by a human in one day. turns out, no, it was the start of a very nasty ick and now everything has been smeared and slimed and needs to be washed again.


perhaps i need to go find some Amy Winehouse. or just some wine.


Blogger mcewen said ... (3:27 am) : 

Now why do I know that name -Amy Winehouse?
Sorry about the slime fest.


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (4:27 am) : 

Yuk! Paint a yellow cross on the door.

I have heard of Amy, but not heard her.


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