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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Where mother and daughter wrestle with the English language.....again

Keira is playing with a new bottle of Nurofen I bought that morning for Riley (seriously - 2 year old molars at 15 months? Yes, it happens).

Keira: What's this for?
Me: It's Riley's pain medicine. He takes it before bed.
Keira: Before bed?Me: Yes, before bed.
Keira: (confused) Be...fore......bed?
Me: (frustrated) Yes, before bed!

Silence. We both simmer over our miscommunication. Until I realise what it is she's been talking about.

Me: Yes, Keira, 'B' is for bed. 'B' for bed. Ha! What are the chances of that?

Ya, gettit?!

Comments on "Where mother and daughter wrestle with the English language.....again"


Blogger Tracey said ... (9:02 am) : 

Classic! She's a bright one.

Reminds me of my Dad's favourite alphabet... A for 'orses, B for mutton, ... (and so it went on)


Anonymous Shelly said ... (12:14 pm) : 

It took me a second read through before i got it myself. Clever Keira!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:36 am) : 

Certainly a bright one! We named our daughter Keira-she's 5 weeks old now & although i love her name, some of the shine has been taken off by people's mispronunciation. That is, so many people are pronouncing it as "kirra" instead of "k-ee-ra". Have you found that with your daughter?


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