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Thursday, July 05, 2007

A cache of good movies

Thanks for this TT must go to Michelle. I'm pinching her idea from a few weeks ago. Yes, it takes me that long to get organised. Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ;)

1. Best romantic comedy: this is the hardest one for me because it's one of my least favourite genres. Most of them are snoresville. Look, I'm going to have to go with the BBC's production of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. Anyone who's seen will know exactly what I'm talking about. I have only two words for you: Wet. Shirt.

2. Hardest cry: Braveheart I think, only because it also classifies as 'Weirdest Cry' also. I saw the movie with friends. I got to the end and I was stunned. I think my un-cried tears just got bottle necked. My mother picked me up after and asked me how the movie was. And I just started to bawl. And I bawled for about the next two hours, my tears becoming steadily worse!! But boy I felt better afterwards. It's still my favourite movie. Dead Man Walking is a close second.

3. Best "heist" movie: The Great Muppet Caper. Diamonds. Big Hair. Bike Riding through a park. Charles Grodin trying to resist the seductions of Miss Piggy. Priceless. (I am being a little tongue in cheek here)

4. Best action movie: I still enjoy Speed. For the best action sequence, however, I still thoroughly enjoy the chariot race in 'Ben Hur'. I just saw Casino Royale though. Hot Damn! let me say that again; Hot Damn!

5. Most inspirational movie: Toughie. Real toughie. For me, perhaps Good Will Hunting. Or Dead Poets Society. Strange they both have Robin Williams.

6. Best mystery: Goodness.... The Usual Suspects? I watched it knowing nothing about it, so of course was sucked in by the ending. Now, though, it's ruined, so does it classify? I'm a Hitchcock fan though, so most of his movies too (excepting possibly The Birds. I didn't get it....)

7. Funniest movie: A Fish Called Wanda and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I still giggle in Meet the Parents. I'm also in the loves Zoolander camp; as opposed to a Zoolander-hater.

8. Best animated movie: That's hard. Probably Finding Nemo.

9. Scariest movie: I don't like scary movies, so I can think of a whole bunch: the Nightmare on Elm Sts, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre etcetc.

10. Best romance: I'm going to be a bit different here, but I think The Crying Game. I like unconventional storytelling and that's about as unconventional, and moving, as it gets.

11. Best fantasy: It might be a generational thing, but I like The Princess Bride. Willow stands out ("Move along, Pec!") but hands down, best one is The Empire Strikes Back. Shouldn't that be in sci-fi? No, I've reserved that one for another.....

12. Best musical: Rocky Horror Picture Show. But then, I'm strange. Hang on, no I'm not. I refuse to defend my love of this movie for any longer!!!

13. Best sci-fi: Bladerunner. Odd choice for a movie I've only ever seen once, but it just spoke to me.

14. Best classic (pre-1980): Tie between Citizen Kane and Gone with the Wind.

Comments on "A cache of good movies"


Anonymous Stone Girl said ... (7:09 am) : 

Great list. Dead Poets is one of my favorites. And I completely agree with #1!


Blogger Tink said ... (8:13 am) : 

Great idea for a list, I'm putting it on my list for when I don't have a clue what to do my TT about. :-)
My list is about handfasting this week. Happy TT!


Blogger Dewey said ... (8:44 am) : 

Some of my favorites here, too!


Anonymous sobeit said ... (9:50 am) : 

Colin Firth....enough said! Great list of movies! I enjoy Speed...may need to watch that again on my summer break! Happy TT!


Blogger Toni said ... (12:15 pm) : 

Great list! I love 'borrowing' ideas from one another!

Air Force Wife
Check out my contest!


Blogger DK said ... (1:39 pm) : 

Wonderful list! I am SO with you on Blade Runner. And I found it impossible to come up with JUST ONE movie for #14. Thanks for sharing this and Happy TTing!
A Flyover Blog
P.S. Stop by my blog if you're in the neighborhood!


Anonymous Ben Clapton said ... (1:51 pm) : 

Great list, and I agree, Empire Strikes Back should be in the Fantasy section because it's actually a Science Fantasy as opposed to a Science Fiction. Big difference between the two.


Blogger Scribbit said ... (2:09 pm) : 

You have fabulous taste in movies I have to say, and I thought your heist selection was hysterical. In a good way.

Willow, Finding Nemo, Pride and Prejudice (yes on that wet shirt) and Casino Royale (I still dream about Daniel Craig) you have GREAT taste.


Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said ... (3:54 pm) : 

A very interesting list.
Mine is up too.


Blogger Robin said ... (6:21 pm) : 

Princess Bride and Rocky Horror (saw it way too many times to count) are two of my favorites too!

Happy TT.


Anonymous MommyBa said ... (7:58 pm) : 

Great movie choices! I agree with each of your choices especially Finding Nemo :D

Happy Thursday!


Blogger Miss Frou Frou said ... (9:30 pm) : 

Love your movie choices, and P&P is a fave.. though North and South with the scrumptious Richard Armitage is even better!


Blogger Jeremy said ... (1:05 am) : 

I think the princess bride has become a cult classic in our home, my kids qoute it all the time


Anonymous Chris said ... (2:36 am) : 

I'm a die hard RHPS fan too! Happy TT!


Blogger pussreboots said ... (6:01 am) : 

Nice eclectic list. Happy TT. :)


Anonymous Shelly said ... (8:58 am) : 

I very clearly remember someone unnamed crying so much during 'Dead Man Walking' that they had to pause the video, wait until their eyes had dried enough so that they could see, then restart the tape...perhaps that should be a first pick instead of second??


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (10:58 am) : 

You obviosuly don't remember my Braveheart sobs then, shelly. But it was a close race...


Anonymous Shelly said ... (1:10 pm) : 

True- I wasn't there to see that. I would agree with your choices for 1,3,4,5 (Dead Poets), 6,7,12, 13 and 14, however for 2 I must throw in a mention for the Elephant Man. In John Hurt's performance you can hear a dignity in Merrick's voice that is just heartbreaking. I find it frustrating however in the movie that they perpetuated the myth that his name was John when it was actually Joseph. Still- saddest movie I've seen.


Anonymous Shelly said ... (1:11 pm) : 

Sorry- didn't mean to include 13 on that list- Bladerunner is the choice I would leave out. Can someone please explain that movie for me?? I only rented it for Harrison Ford...


Anonymous Shelly said ... (1:13 pm) : 

Oh- and for best mystery I'd throw in a vote for Picnic at Hanging Rock...perhaps even more so than usual suspects...


Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said ... (4:41 pm) : 

Finding Nemo, I love that too and gone With The Wind...such a beautiful movie.
Thanks for the visit.


Blogger Shelby said ... (4:21 am) : 

great movie list!! interesting blog here :)

I found you through a comment link on tinkerbell's site...

I like Finding Nemo alot!!

take care and happy Friday!!


Blogger bubandpie said ... (10:43 am) : 

I had a hard-cry movie like that: Maria Chapdelaine. The heroine's beloved disappears, and I spent the whole movie waiting for him to come back for the happy ending - it was only when the credits rolled that I realized he wasn't coming back, and I cried and cried.


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