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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Oh, Google, I thought we were friends

Until you sent this person to me:

should a penis banjo string break?

I honestly don't know how to feel, because Google obviously feels that I am an authority on penises, because I came second in the ranking to this baffling question. I am sure whoever it was came away from Miscellaneous Mum as unenlightened as they were when they arrived (on the subject of penises, anyway).

Don't get me wrong. I have a working (!! not that way!!) knowledge of penises. I know the difference between circumcised ones, and non-circumcised ones (don't ask me why...well, maybe you can). But this question had me stumped. And interested. So I did a search of my own. Apparently there is such a thing called the 'banjo string' on a penis and, yes, it can break and - I read - it is quite painful. Yeoch.

So there you go. Next time someone googles this topic, they may be sent here and, next time, I'll actually have something half-informative to give back to them.

I'm sorry though to the person who Googles "Love Beads How to extract? Help?"

You're on your own.

Boy, right now I'm glad my mother doesn't read my blog.

Comments on "Oh, Google, I thought we were friends"


Blogger Bon said ... (11:31 am) : 



well, at least now i know where to come with all my unmentionable questions from now on...even if you don't know the answers, at least i won't have to worry about your mum thinking ill of me. :)


Anonymous Shelly said ... (1:33 pm) : 

I'm curious as to how you found out that you were second on this...I have just googled it myself and found that you have risen in the ranks to the number one authority-- a proud day...


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (2:05 pm) : 

bon - you can ask anything you want :) ;)

shelly - indeed. I'm cracking the champagne tonight in celebration.......


Blogger Rebecca said ... (3:11 pm) : 

wow - what on earth is a penis banjo??????


Blogger Rebecca said ... (3:12 pm) : 

and what broke I wonder...the penis or the banjo string???


Blogger strauss said ... (3:42 pm) : 

Puts a whole new slant on the words to "Oh Susanna" - hey.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (3:46 pm) : 

rebecca - oh, I wish I could explain in person, I could use illuminating hand gestures and signs to help my meaning... I think it's like a piece of sinew running up and down the shaft, so that breaks, not the penis.

strauss - Thanks for giving me my belly laugh of the day :)


Blogger Dawn said ... (5:37 am) : 

There's a little man working in the search department of Google with a strange sense of humour!

I did a post called "Writing behind closed doors" and he sends me everyone that wants to do anything behind closed doors!


Anonymous Meg said ... (5:55 pm) : 

It's funny how an unsuspecting term can drive you traffic. That happened to me about yahoo.co.nz. So I figured if people are going to arrive here, I'm not likely to see them again, so at least give them some direction. I added a post with some relevant links - could be good karma :)


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