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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Out of commission

Wild weather in Victoria, eh? We're not flooding* but the rain has been wonderful. What I liked especially was this low pressure system came in from the east. The east! Unheard of! I keep looking up in the sky, waiting for Mary Poppins.

The kids, bugger it, are sick. How can I tell apart from the usual symptoms? Well Keira has decided to stay in her pyjamas all day, and as it's almost 8am and she's not in her usual dress and stocking attire I'm inclined to believe her. Riley is not clawing at the backdoor like a dog to get outside. No, he's just seeing how much square meterage of the house he can cover with his own snot. So far, he's not doing a bad job.

*not that you asked!

Comments on "Out of commission"


Blogger Dawn said ... (8:55 am) : 

There are moments when I'm pleased we have dogs rather than children. At lease when dogs drip from their various orifices you can stick them out in a kennel. On the other hand, they're never going to support me in my old age. Or lead me to the bathroom when they think I've wet myself! Maybe kids might come out ahead on points!


Blogger Kin said ... (9:48 am) : 

Sounds like my house. Today is the first day I've felt like going out. At least the sun is out here. The kids still have snotty noses, but they're desperate to get out of the house. I'm going to wait till it warms up a little more then take them for a quick visit to the park.

Hope they feel better soon!


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (7:28 pm) : 

dawn - Dogs have many advantages, I'm sure :) I miss having a pet...sometimes...

kin - I can't wait till our sun comes back again! And thanks :)


Blogger Dewey said ... (1:00 am) : 

Aw, I hope the little ones feel better soon, and that you get some more cheery weather. Though it'd be great if Mary Poppins did come out of the clouds. She'd have those kids healthy "spit spot."


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