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Thursday, August 02, 2007

I am not dead

Hello, hello! Miss me? I've been unplugged for a few days now, and Adam asked me how I felt and honestly, it was a mixture of relief and frustration. I left the place in his capable hands, but now I (hope) to be back more.

We travelled Tuesday, and the less said about the trip the better (although Keira was an angel - so you can imagine to whom the tone of my sentence belongs!)

We have been to my grandparents farm - a cattle farm. Little did I realise just how much of a city girl Keira is growing in to be. I packed her 'farm clothes' (jeans) to wear but, oh no, she must still wear dresses and stockings.

She wandered down the paddock for a little way and then froze. And started wailing.

What, what!? I said, feeling that a Brahman had set her malevolent sights on my girl and was about to trample her.

There's cow poo everywhere! said Keira, holding out her arms. Come get me mummy! Yucky! Ech!

Oh, dear, sweet Lord.

So I'm glad I'm here to expose her to a little of this lifestyle. Toughen her up, eh?

P.S For the Southerners - guess what the weather's like? Early 20's! Ha! Tropical for us!

Comments on "I am not dead"


Blogger jeanie said ... (9:22 am) : 

Oooh - you've got one of those too, MiscMum!

You don't realise how "cottonwooled" kids are becoming until they start screeching about the cowsh**...


Blogger Tracey said ... (10:50 am) : 

You're back up in your hometown right? And I went through there yesterday, and thought about you, and what a bummer it was that my schedule was so tight each way that even if I'd thought about it beforehand, I wouldn't have had time to catch up.

(It was crazy yesterday, it was much warmer down there than back home, 100km north!)

Being Sydney suburbia born and bred, even I haven't had much experience with cowsh**, although at least I'm not wussy about it when I come across it. I've been vaguely entertaining the idea of a farmstay holiday (though running out of time as they grow up) simply to expose us all to that lifestyle.


Blogger Kin said ... (12:14 pm) : 

Aww, that's sweet. My kids loved the dairy farm we stayed on in the UK. They fed the calves, helped move the hay around (and had rides on the wheelbarrow).

My Keira also fell in love with a bull calf, pure white who used to get so excited when he saw her coming. Seriously I thought she was going to want to bring him home.


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (5:00 am) : 

I'm sure the children won't like to see animals being born etc. It's a bit too grisly for me.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (6:25 am) : 

T - next time then ;)

kin - my keira loved them to look at too, and try to pat - just not the other end stuff!

JLP - I've never been to a calving. I actually wouldn't mind!

jeanie - cottonwooled is a great term! So true...


Blogger Ana said ... (8:43 pm) : 

With good time I'm sure Keira will become a country girl and like the farm (cow poo and all). Sounds like a fun place!


Blogger Scribbit said ... (1:34 am) : 

I think everyone's in a bit of a summer slump right now anyway--getting the travel done before school starts again.

Oh dang it I've done it again. Not summer there, is it? Okay a WINTER slump then.


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