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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Whereupon I elaborate on one of my main social activities...Misc Mum - card player

One of the main things which attracted me to my husband (apart from his devilish good looks) was when I first discovered we both come from families which take their card-playing quite seriously.

If I may brag, perhaps my family does more, because I knew what a trump card was by the time I reached school, and by the time I was in high-school, next to playing UNO (king of games that it is), if anyone suggested euchre, I just rolled my eyes.

Because euchre is nothing to 500.

Yes, so when I found out Adam could play, that pretty much threw studying out the window because he was housemates with other players and our university days/nights were spent huddled over cards while we sent out other suckers out to buy our beer for us. (And in the brutal Bathurst winters, that was quite a request!)

So, again, in our past holiday, we spent many nights at the table, but the scenario had changed somewhat. Despite pleading and begging, I retired at 9.30pm every night, winning or not, because dammit I was tired. I nursed a cup of coffee at my side, rather than an overly generous glass of Frangelico or some other liqueur (Tia Maria).

Adam's family differs from mine in that they also play Pontoon, otherwise known as Blackjack. Which nursed my compulsive gambling tick no end, to which I owe them a debt of thanks.*

Do you play cards? What do you play? Or are you a card-hater? Because I've met a fair few of those in my time!

*I'm kidding. Just a little bit.

Comments on "Whereupon I elaborate on one of my main social activities...Misc Mum - card player"


Blogger D. Paul said ... (6:50 am) : 

I'm a fan of Blackjack, Uno and 500, though I also enjoy Solitaire for when I'm feeling a bit anti-social. I'm not a roaring fan, mind you, but I can lose myself for a good while in a deck when the mood strikes me. However, I can't abide poker in its various incarnations, 'cause I can't bluff to save my life. I found this out after several unfortunate hands of strip poker in during my college days. Sigh.


Blogger Jaycee said ... (4:23 pm) : 

I love playing 500, but don't get to play it very often. My son and I play Uno - and I'll be able to groom him to play other cardgames with me because he really seems to enjoy it. I also like backgammon (not cards I know).


Blogger Di said ... (10:58 pm) : 

I am pretty sure I spent more time playing euchre than studying in college.

Gin is my game. If you like Uno, try Skip-Bo.


Blogger jeanie said ... (11:58 am) : 

One game we taught ourselves from Hoyles was Casino - fantastic game.

Also Maltese Rummy and Cuncan (sp?) from our youth.

Oh, and I am a backgammon player too.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (3:39 pm) : 

Some variants there, some I've not heard of (Maltese Rummy), some I have, but never played (Cuncan ...rings a bell) and ones I wish I have mastered (backgammon - I like it!)


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