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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Showtime - fun and sore stomachs for all

In Melbourne now it's Showtime. That period steeped in tradition around Australia, where we all trudge along to buy our Pluto Pups (me), or cream polly waffles (my dad), fairy floss (Adam), or sample all and sundry (Keira). I opted to stay home with Riley, just like last year, thinking it might be a chance to spend some quality time with my son.



Most of the time, he looked like this:

Why? Because, and I hadn't figured this before, he revels in his role as the 'quiet, but cunning' one. Keira deflects a lot of the stuff he gets up to and she is a great enabler ("You want to pull the toilet paper off the roller, Riley? Sure, I'll help you!") So, given I was able to devote almost 100% of my attention to him yesterday, that meant his mischief making was quashed. And he wasn't happy.

Until sister returned! Replete with facepaint and showbags!

That is, until it was makeup time, from a cheap kit she won on the clowns:

Then he went back to wishing he had the house to himself........as did I later, once my face also took on that lovely shade of ochre....

So who else has been to the shows this year?

Comments on "Showtime - fun and sore stomachs for all"


Blogger D. Paul said ... (6:30 am) : 

Umm, right now, we're having the nationally renowned Bloomsburg Fair, and while I haven't spent any time there beyond an aborted attempt to cover an event for the paper (apparently, they don't make "VIP" passes like they used to), I am going tonight to cover Creedence Clearwater Revisited. And eat hot dogs. Gotta have fair hot dogs.


Anonymous Maddy said ... (12:55 am) : 

Ooo I thought it was only Americans who used words like 'enabler'? Is Australia going all psychobabble too?


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (4:54 am) : 

At least it didn't go on the wall.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (6:29 am) : 

Pluto Pups are also called dagwood dogs, which are (I think) some sort of fried hot dog, so I'm with you D.Paul. (Can't get into a fair with a VIP Pass?! Wow)

It's a jargon word, but sooo true, maddy!

JLP - Not yet......not yet....


Anonymous SingForHim @ Real Life said ... (12:21 pm) : 

We love to go to music festivals. It's cute how your son missed his playmates.


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