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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Glorious Spring Day

So far this week, the weather has been wonderful here in Melbourne. Spending so much time of the year indoors has been the hardest thing to become accustomed to since we moved from NSW. But the warmth of this week has seen Keira outside frolicking on the deck It's great. I have some new photos that I will upload later in the day. Riley has been much better since 'that' incident yesterday. Even his face is clearer and he slept better last night. I think I see tooth #3 on the bottom left, but he's very uncooperative whenever I try to look. Be around later...

Ok, as promised...

This is Keira's first "licking of the spoon" when we made muffins this morning. My nan would be proud!

This is what Keira does to amuse herself while I'm on the phone - - make tomato canapes!

Comments on "Glorious Spring Day"


Anonymous pixie said ... (6:01 pm) : 

Oh wow! Tomato canapes! *laughs* You can't say she doesn't use her time constructively. What an organised young lass.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (8:38 am) : 

Yes, but did she_eat_said canapes? Oh, Lord no. That would make too much sense!


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