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Friday, September 15, 2006

In the words of Greta Garbo...

"I want to be left alone"

It's been a very hard past 48 hours here. Riley has been a little terror in the nights again (don't ask me why. I'm so past beyond comprehending I'm considering asking an Oracle or something). On the topic of poos (yes, again, sorry) Keira hasn't gone for the past two days, which for her is highly, highly unusual. I don't think it helped that Adam was pressuring her "have you done a poo? go poo!"--but you'd have to ask him to get his side of the story--but hurrah she went this morning. It's no longer "stuck in my tummy".

All of this, plus my own nose-bleeds and headaches, low milk supply (three guesses why after considering the above) and general lethargy, and you can see why taking to my bed for a week seems most tempting.

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