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Saturday, September 16, 2006

A nice surprise

Riley's very unhappy today, so I'm doing all I can to help his painful teeth, but it's just not cutting it. He's had very little sleep and I'm about out of adrenaline.

However, on a pleasant note, I got my first un-prompted "I Love you" from Keira today. I came in to get her up from her nap and she laid (lay? I hate that word) there, looked at me and said "Love you mum". Aww.....

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Comments on "A nice surprise"


Anonymous Tracey said ... (8:02 pm) : 

Don't moments like that make it all worthwhile.. the deprivation.. the mountains of poo.. the vomit.. the times you question your sanity...
the everything..

It all goes out the window with those three little words.


Anonymous tracey said ... (11:16 pm) : 

(the sleep deprivation I meant to type!!! LOL. Though there are other things you go without for kids.


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