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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Why am I here?

I drafted this post earlier, but am going to make some changes. It was very much a 'woe is me' one, as I had had another bad night*. Apart from being repetitive, I doubt it would've been very interesting. However, the question remains the same: well, I should amend it to say, "Why blog?"

There are certainly more than enough "lets talk about my domesticities and while I'm at it have a bitch about how hard motherhood can be" blogs out there. And, yes, I suppose mine is one of them.

I'm pondering this question because Coles Baby want me to revise my article. Standard stuff, really, but I'm annoyed because I had signed off on it in my mind. Not that I should complain as more words equals more money, but then I get to thinking about how much time I spend here. I should do 'real' work more. It's a balancing act I've forgotten how to master and as I've never handled stress well, I end up in a bit of a frazzle.

Anyway, just ignore my pre-caffeine funk. If you've managed to read this far and tolerate my self-pity then I thank you.

*Riley, just sleep, please please! You're turning into your sister at that age...and I don't want that

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