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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ditch (most) additives forever

I hate MSG. When I eat it, I feel sick and my tummy gets irritable. It can’t decide whether it’s full or still hungry. This is precisely why MSG is added to foods – to make the food taste better so we want more of it.

I also knew its chemical number on the back of packaging was 621. What I didn’t know was that numbers 620 all the way up to 637 were similar variations of the same thing. (If I read that part right)

Next time you buy something you think might have MSG (if it bothers you); it probably does. I know when Keira eats those rice crackers/ sakatas it makes her behaviour change. Maybe that’s why.

Website of the book I read to get the above info. The book is easier to digest but both are very interesting in an ‘I’m afraid to go to the supermarket now’ kind of way! Full of stuff about the cocktail of chemicals our food is laced with.

Makes me want to be an organic farmer. No wonder it’s a booming industry.

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