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Friday, October 06, 2006

Life is sweet after a bit of shut-eye

Last night I was ready for battle. I was as psyched as Rocky. I fed Riley up with a bit extra solids before bed; bundled him up good; put him down when he was exhausted --and I only had to get up to him twice (midnight and 5am) and he slept until 8am. Sweet! *happy dance*

For this week’s emom blogjolt, I was given Earl’s Red’s Review to have a look at and reference. Imagine my delight when I discovered a similar love of the show Boston Legal.
Here in Australia, the show is timetabled in to show at an insanely late hour (for me, anyway) so Adam and I have to resort to…er…other methods to watch it. It is one of my favourites. It’s funny when you’re talking to people about TV shows and you happen to stumble across the fact they too are fans. Instantly, you are connected: “Isn’t it great?” you usually gush. “Aren’t Shatner and Spader hilarious?”
Yes and yes.
The official website is very clever too: go there, explore, and you’ll have some surprises! Being rather the Trekkie (yes, I admit it) it’s been great to see Shatner recognised with an Emmy for his work at this latter stage in his career –because he’s getting damn old! And being a card-carrying member of the ‘We think James Spader is the sex bomb even if he is getting a little fat’ fan club, well, he can orate all he likes about being a ‘degenerate’ and I’ll be sitting there, drooling, saying “More! More!”
Ah, it’s nice to think about stuff like this rather than, oh, say, constipated babies or if Keira’s eaten way too many hidden sugars today.

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