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Monday, October 09, 2006

Yes, life’s dull when you get excited about garbage collection

We live in what I’ve read as being a ‘green belt’ of Melbourne. I suppose you can read “hippie-ville” into that statement if you want, but it’s not quite that bad. (Well, almost––I’ve heard you have to breathe in deeply before you enter one of our regular markets, unless you want to be tripping around, literally, the rest of the day).

Anyway, as a result of local council policy, our suburb has one of the lowest general waste averages in the state (yay, go us). This is because our rubbish bins are tiny, which is partially the reason why I went for the nappy recycling. It would be impossible to fit dirty nappies in our bin as well as everyday stuff. You can get a larger one, but you have to pay for it.

However there is such a thing as hard waste collection. That’s the BIG stuff: the mattresses, the dead electrical equipment, busted kid’s toys (hallelujah says anyone who’s bought crap from China). Other suburbs have this kind of collection made regularly. I can’t tell you how jealous I get when we drive by cluttered sidewalks of junk and think of my own garage of the same. Our suburb gets this done only ONCE a year and imagine my joy when I received a letter saying we were due in the next few weeks! It’s anti-Christmas! I get rid of stuff for a change! I’ll be able to move around in my garage! Work out on the dusty gym in there (hmm…maybe).

Make room for the next load of birthdays and Christmas toy packaging, more like.

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