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Saturday, October 07, 2006

When dreams cause more confusion than ever..thanks to Grey's Anatomy

I've talked before about my love/hate feelings for Grey's Anatomy. This coupled with the fact that during the week I got my first, serious, "Are you going to have a third baby?" question, and my confused subconscious went to town last night.

I dreamt I was pregnant and went into labour. OK, nothing too shocking there. Except the detail was extraordinary. My waters broke and that...smell. The smell of nine months of recycled bodily fluids and baby wee. Yuk. The contractions, which started at full pelt (aren't I lucky).

Adam isn't immune to baby dreams either. The other night he also dreamed I was having another one, but his was funnier: he walked through the door after work, like any other day, to be greeted by an army of midwives who informed him I was in labour in the bathroom. Apparently, he backed out of the door...very....slowly...in utter fear.

So, what's this to do with Grey's Anatomy? Nothing, except that in the dream (which was taking place in the middle of an episode) Addison was meant to deliver the baby, naturally, but she had been in an accident so I had to accept a hack. The dream ended before I gave birth, so I have no idea what I 'had' but I think it was another boy.

This must be the trade off I have to accept on the nights when Riley decides to sleep better. I can live with that.

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