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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pandering to pornographic tastes? Not me.

I picked up something on my sitemeter yesterday. Someone googled the words “naughty” “mum” and “daughter” (three guesses why). What’s disturbing to me is that MY SITE came up fifth (5th!) out of 385,000 possibilities, picking up keywords on a previous post.

Naturally this person only stayed a second once he/she discovered my site was not to his/her tastes.

You do (and I’m not advising anyone to actually DO this) a search for the American spelling “naughty” “mom” and “daughter” and THEN your retinas will be burned by the possibility of 1,830,000 nasty results.

Geesh, I don’t know what to think! I can see now why people deliberately take themselves OFF Google’s blog registry and similar databases; but then, for people who actually WANT to attract traffic, it’s kind of a necessity.

Comments, anyone?

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