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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Riley, the video star

Riley, the video star

I'm posting this link to YouTube because Adam and I haven't figure out properly yet how to host video right here (if indeed that is possible). This is Riley, the cutie.

And because he is so cute I can excuse him for the Worst. Night. Ever last night. I was up every 1.5-2 hours. I think I can put this down to several reasons:

1) Melbourne's severe windstorm, which resulted in me not being able to sleep until midnight myself
2) The heat of his room; but the fact he also kicks off his blankets and still gets cold. Its a delicate balancing act.
3) Teeth? Hunger? Boredom? Evil streak?

Lets hope caffeine (yes, I need it) and iron tablets get me through the day. Only three more sleeps until my mother comes to visit!

Comments on "Riley, the video star"


Blogger Tracey said ... (9:54 am) : 

AWwww! So cute. Have my kids drooling here at how cute he is!

I have a 'kicking off the blankets' fiend here.. and I hate to say it, but at just about 8 years old, she is not much improved. When she was a baby, you just had to dress her up in warmer sleeping gear. But it's a hard one to balance, I know what you mean. Crazy kids.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (5:45 pm) : 

Yeah, crazy.

Oh well! Could be worse, that's what I say to myself. Thanks for the kudos too :)


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