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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

“Gee, you’re so organised!”

I get this comment a lot. I actually think I am very lazy, but it got me to thinking: can a comment simultaneously be both true and false? Is that a philosophical possibility? I think it is in my case anyway.

I admit I’m a pretty goal-orientated person, but not in the Anthony Robbins, ‘your goals are what makes you’ kind of way. However, saying that, goals have taken me through the rough periods of anxiety/depression in my life. At those times I do recommend the if-I-do-only-one-thing-today-it’s-a-good day mentality.

So, on a good day, I mark up about 20 things I need to do, and then do them quickly (resulting in a journal entry not unlike the quoted one from two days ago). Then, I fall in a heap.

In order to break this cycle, I do try to take daily, even baby, steps. I follow the advice from FLYlady.

(Some of my closer friends will be clapping their hands over their eyes here going, No! Not FLYlady again!)

Hey, her ideas work for some and not for others. That’s cool. One word of warning: if you’re serious about getting ‘set up’, it can take a while. Quote from diary at time I was: “Spent a frigging hour on this FLYlady organisational thing, doing up timetables and what-not. Better be worth the trouble”.

Yes, it was. Well, for the most part: until life, or your baby’s routine, changes naturally and then needs updating. Ha, ha, life wasn't meant to be easy!

Comments on "“Gee, you’re so organised!”"


Blogger Tracey said ... (4:12 pm) : 

Part of me would like to get with the whole Flylady philosophy... however I don't think I could make it past the first step she recommends!!!!

Sometimes I think I am borderline insane because I live in chaos. However, I do maintain that if I wasn't so disorganised, our marriage wouldn't have lasted through the irregular comings and goings the other half has with his work.


Blogger Tracey said ... (4:21 pm) : 

PS. I just remembered a reason I get a bit sceptical about lists...even though I make them all the time, and then forget to look at them (or take them to the shops, or whatever)!

A former friend I had where we used to live was a real list maker, and her house was much more organised than mine. Thing is, when we moved away, I became an item on her list of things to do. "Call Tracey". If she didn't get to me, she'd carry me over to the next day. And the next day. And the next day. She would also make a list of other things she planned to do each day, including "Watch TV with husband." Thing is, she didn't allow for any flexibility. I remember calling her once, and being made to feel that I'd stuffed up her list.. because I'd called during watching telly with her husband! (And it's not like he ever went away like mine did!)

Needless to say, we have pretty much lost contact. Friendship involves some spontaneity... you can't just be an item on a list!


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (4:45 pm) : 

Oh, I've NEVER done the shine the sink deal of hers! I've appropriated the system to my needs (and if you subscribe to her newsletters etc she's quite adamant about the shining sinks, but GEEZ?!)

And you're absolutely right T. You can't be a 'list friend'. Really loses that finesse'! Could be likened to putting on a list "Have sex with husband tonight" or something......


Anonymous pixie said ... (7:36 pm) : 

Hahaha! Sorry, I'm still laughing over the "have sex with husband" bit. I'm so exhausted and am sitting here like a zombie but that really made me laugh.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (6:26 pm) : 

Glad you liked it Pix

You know what they say, with every joke there's an element of truth.. ;) ;)


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