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Sunday, October 15, 2006

The old saying, the more things change blah blah

I am going through the detailed journal I kept for the first year of Keira’s life at the moment for another project I want to re-start. The journal is quite enlightening. Here is an excerpt from the same period in her life as Riley’s at now:

“Run around like a chook with head cut off this morning, trying to do all my ‘to do’ jobs and now I feel sick and light-headed and could do with a lie down…Chewed nails in an absolute frenzy yesterday. Don’t know why. 2 bandaids on today…Keira got up to mischief, crawled into the bathroom like a shot and now wants to explore the tiled areas. Is so much more confident now crawling and sitting up, is making life more happier for her, and us…she is having fun exploring”

(Keira was rather a freak of dexterity and was crawling by 6 months)

On debating whether to go back to university: “I still haven’t sent back my acceptance and I’m a little afraid to. (When do I) do stuff for ME alone, ever, now? Yesterday I stayed behind in (bookstore) to have some me time. Such a depressing time of year when all the good stuff is coming out and I can’t afford the time or $$$ to read them all.”

Oh dear, I was a sad sack, wasn’t I? Funny, I can make fun of it now, this second, because I had a decent night’s sleep and I’m in a good mood. But then, most people tend to journal when they’re in sulky, sullen or depressed moods. Don’t they?

Or is that a blatant generalisation?

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