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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Opinions on the obvious design changes

After shopping around this past week for domain names, other blogging platform software, service providers etcetc I came to my senses.

1) I have little money to spend in the first place
2) I know little about coding or anything IT related, apart from a little I've had to pick up from necessity
3) I remembered there are good three column blogger templates out there, I just had to go look for them.

So, I went with door number three and it was less of a hassle to swap over than I thought. Of course, as you can see, there are housekeeping issues I need to sort out, like re-doing all my links, but I can do that on the weekend.

The banner up the top has grid issues, and I have been thinking is too small anyway (So I may have to hit up my friend who did the first one to, maybe, see if its possible to re-do.....? She knows who she is!). I'm not sure I like the font that's defaulted to be used. I was sick of a plain white blackground, so I went with the silver? Nice?

What else do you all reckon? What needs tinkering with?

Comments on "Opinions on the obvious design changes"


Anonymous 'hit up' friend said ... (10:18 pm) : 

Hello.... like the new background colour! Like the look. Yes, the banner needs changing now doesn't it. ie. the background shouldn't be white. And yeah, it's too small now. If I can't do it (I'm pretty limited in my abilities, really) my daughter probably can.
"Grid" issues? Is that how they make it look like it stretches across to fill the width? So you need more than one .jpg?

I was considering changing the look of my blog after moving to the beta-blogger thingy, but have been putting it off because of having to stuff around redoing links and all that.

But I do like the non-white background!
I like the default font. Easy on the eye.


Blogger Tracey said ... (8:56 am) : 

PS. Can you still change the nav bar to silver? (like on mine).. That'd look better with the silver.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (6:05 pm) : 

Still working on the nav bar, but I won't sleep if I can't fix it....

I think I've finished most of the changes I want now, excepting that banner. but even that's ok


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