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Monday, October 23, 2006

Why haute cuisine can be annoying

Look at this photo:

This was taken from the Sunday magazine from one of the newspapers down here in Melbourne a few weeks ago (see, it takes me this long to get organised). It's a Donna Hay recipe for asparagus and goats cheese bruschetta.

Now the burning question: how do you eat the damn thing?

I mean, you could cut it up with a knife and fork, but that's not the 'point' behind bruschetta (or so I thought). Biting it could result in the asparagus snapping, and flicking back and poking you in the eye.

If this had been served up to me in a restaurant, you know what I think I'd do? Eat the asparagus separately; then tackle the bread.

Does that make me a heathen?

Comments on "Why haute cuisine can be annoying"


Anonymous pixie said ... (11:50 am) : 

This post gave me a good laugh, thanks. I'm visualising the asparagus poking someone in the eye now. XD


Anonymous Shelly said ... (2:10 pm) : 

That made me laugh! I think the success of the endeavour would depend entirely on finger placement over the asparagus as you are heading in...but as I don'teat asparagus myself, no problem. Chuck it away and eat the cheese on the bread. Easy done.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (3:37 pm) : 

Ah, glad I'm not alone in thinking how to dismember this dish, or considering how it may injure someone! :)

You should eat your asparagus, shelly. It's one of the super-foods :)


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