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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thank God You're Here!...Yeah, I wish

Anyone watch TGYH and think to themselves, "I could do that". I do--on a good night, at least. For example, last night during Tony "flashman" Martin's skit, and he was fed the line: "What is your catchphrase again?" I immediately said "Be alert; not alarmed".


Now, our esteemed governor-general may not think that sleep deprivation is torture; but I ask him how many nights he’s been up with babies lately. Yesterday, the tiredness hit me physically: I had pains in my stomach; my eyes were droopy. I’d hit the caffeine and the Tim Tams by 10am. Imagine the state I could’ve been in if my father wasn’t staying at the moment.

Wait, father? Wasn’t my mum here last week? Why do they visit separately? To give me an extra weeks worth of help. Bless their grandparent-y socks.

Last night I was up every two hours. So today I'm feeling rather delicate and prone to tears.

What the kids are up to:

Riley: he’s now begun to hold up his arms when he wants to be picked up, which I find cute as Keira rarely did that (She preferred to get around herself). The other night, at a pinch, it kind of sounded like he was saying “dada dada” but then again he could’ve been drowning in the mouthful of baby food that can just gone down his throat the wrong way.

Keira: has begun the condescending, slow nodding of the head, complete with raised eyebrows that I will have to endure from now until eternity, when I ask her a question.

For example, when she’s hungry, ready to eat: “Keira, you want dinner now?”
“Yeesssss” and the slow nod.

Well, ask a stupid question….

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