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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Some Weird Facts about Me

I've had this written up for a while, but have been distracted this week. Enjoy! Or, if not, have a good laugh at my expense.

1) I love tornadoes
Naturally, if I lived in the US mid-west I’d probably have different feelings about them, but I could watch one for hours. There’s just something about that cone of destructiveness that I find quite powerful on an emotional level.

2) I have passing obsessions with certain celebrities
1995 was the worst year for me. Up to, and including that year, I’d been ‘in love’ with Val Kilmer. I’d even gone so far as to fantasise I was the nanny for his kids and I lived on his ranch in New Mexico and that somehow he’d realise I was his perfect woman and not his wife. OH. MY. GOD. How stalker-killer does that sound? (Well, come on, I was only 15-ish). After that, it was Gary Oldman; then James Spader. You’ve got to admit, my taste is OK.

3) I have a double-jointed right thumb
It’s kind of double jointed. I can fold it back almost onto itself. I’m sure that counts.

4) I am afraid of frogs
It’s hereditary. I could rattle off family members who are worse encumbered with this condition (Ranidaphobia) but I won’t. Let’s just say I think frogs are the devil’s boogers.

5) I have a knack for approximating time and volume
Provided I know a city fairly well, you ask me how long it takes to get from point A to point B and I can usually tell you faithfully. And when cooking, I can pour out a tablespoon or teaspoon down to the drop; but that’s more from practice.

6) I am obsessed with a baby’s birth weight
But aren’t most people? If you hear about a baby being born, isn’t one of the first questions you ask is, “How much did he/she weigh?” It’s an interesting, albeit arbitrary, frame of reference. Having birthed a 7pd5oz and a considerably bigger 8pd12oz I can honestly say I think whatever the size; the pain feels relatively the same. But that’s just my experience.

7) I find maps fascinating
It was one of my joys of childhood; to pour over an atlas. I still even have a map of the world taped over our bathtub. ‘Officially’ for Keira’s education, I think we can safely say I get more enjoyment out of it than she does.

8) I own far too many poetry anthologies
I mean, I don’t really even like poetry, but I’ve got tomes of them; and not even of the ones I DO enjoy, like Tennyson or Frost. Unless you count Dr Suess…

9) I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again proudly: I love (some) Star Trek’s
Enterprise can go jump into a black hole, or a worm hole, or be assimilated by the Borg for all I care.

There, wasn't it worth the wait?!

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