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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Christmas (card) time is here again

Yesterday I sat down and wrote out my first round of Christmas cards. This early habit of mine is the bane of one of my particular friends, who begins to panic (I think) at the telling sight of cheap envelopes appearing in her letterbox. Yet for me, who loves the season, I just can’t help but get into the spirit by November.

I have Christmas cards to thank for getting me onto Temptation last year. I was only called up to be a reserve, with no guarantee of being a contestant, but at the sight of me writing up cards in the green room, at the beginning of October!, had the Producer laughing and quite possibly doubting my sanity. This novelty must have made me stand out from the other contestants and I got my berth for glory. Or they could’ve been waiting for me to have a mental episode whilst taping. That would’ve been great for ratings.

So, who out there in internet-land would like a Christmas card from little old Miscellaneous Mum? Why don’t you drop me an email with your name and address and you might get a surprise! I’m spreading season’s greetings to the world!

Comments on "Christmas (card) time is here again"


Blogger Tracey said ... (8:51 am) : 

All I can say is that if I get a Christmas card from anybody before it's even December, I'll ... I'll.... scream! (So am I the 'particular friend'.. or are there more of us?) :p


Anonymous Elizabeth said ... (9:25 am) : 

I bought my cards in January last year. *grin* I love the after Christmas sales.

So far I haven't pulled them out so you are way ahead of me K. but I do have a few family gifts tucked away.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (9:58 am) : 

*laughing* Well, ok I, I'll admit it T, you're the 'friend' I'm referring to.

Would it rile you just as much to know your card here is sitting, complete, just waiting to be posted? I can hold off until the end of the month if you _really_ want to....LOL Would it make a difference though, is what I'm wondering?!

E, I too have an excess of cards due to my own fondness at buying them at post-xmas sales :)


Blogger Tracey said ... (12:49 pm) : 

Damn, and I hoped there was more of me. I'll have to correct you and say that it's not "panic". It's just an outright loathing, actually, of Christmas being extended into November. Surely the 25 days of December is enough! The 31 days, in fact, seeing that most Christmas cards wish you a Happy New Year as well! It's bad enough that the shops are full of Christmas STUFF! from September... I mean - when they put out all those decorations and other assorted Christmas paraphernalia, they must be putting away, for the duration, quite a load of other stuff. Stuff that I might want to buy! But I suppose if you 'organised' people want to shop, then so be it. I have to put up with it.

But if you want to wish me a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, yes, please, can it least be in the month of Christmas?!! I can tell you now that any lone Christmas cards that arrive before December won't yet have anywhere to be displayed, and will probably just get lost amidst the other everyday STUFF! that occupies my mind, and my kitchen bench until into December.

Yep.. to me, getting cards that early is like opening your Chrissy presents early. It's just not RIGHT !!! LOL...

Mind you.. being so DISorganised... I tend to go to the other extreme, and my friends in far away places ;) tend to get their Christmas wishes and treats in January, because I am incapable of factoring in the time it takes for a parcel to get from here to there!

So.. ideally? We should all time our wishes and STUFF! to arrive in the middle of the Christmas Spirit time!! Yeah!

(God, that was long enough to be a blog post all of its own!)


Anonymous Shelly said ... (2:24 pm) : 

I must admit that I have pretty much over the past few years, ever since I started working full-time, given up on sending Christmas cards. I do compensate (slightly) but sending out one single email to everyone on my email list at Christmas time telling them about the highlights of my year, and this year I will even add a few photos, but I usually leave it at that. Who has the time to get to the post office? Not me...


Anonymous pixie said ... (6:13 pm) : 

Having made my Christmas cards in July for the last ten years or so I now find myself wondering if people will even get them by January this year. I can't bring myself to buy cards. If I don't get time to make them, I won't send any at all. So if you usually get one from me and you don't, it most likely means I just couldn't find the time. It wouldn't be so bad if school didn't finish so close to Christmas.


Blogger Tracey said ... (6:30 pm) : 

I do like cards with some sort of personal touch. I kind of don't see the point of just writing To Dear X, love from Y.. Though I know that's a slightly controversial thing to say. I know it's a ritual.. but in my old age, I've been starting to question rituals more and more!! I'm such a radical. :D


Blogger knowhimwell said ... (4:21 pm) : 

I can't believe you already have your Christmas cards ready. Unbelievable!!! Since the kids came along I find myself buying those premade ones every year with the kids' picture on them. They cost a little more, but everyone wants a recent picture of the kids and it saves a lot of time.


Blogger knowhimwell said ... (4:21 pm) : 

Oops, forgot to put who I am.



Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (1:30 pm) : 

I like cards with the kids/family on them too. I WAS going to do that, but I only just this week got a family shot of us all that I like. Go figure.

See, T, maybe this is a sign I AM doing them too early ;)!!


Blogger scribbit said ... (4:12 pm) : 

You sound like my wonderful sister who has a list of over 200 on her Christmas card rounds. I, who have whittled mine down to under 20--and all family--tend toward the school of Minimalism but she amazes me in her efforts to spread a little cheer. Good job and enjoy the season.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (10:51 am) : 

200! Surely thats a record!


Blogger Holly said ... (3:42 am) : 

Hey cutie! This is the exact article I was going to blogjolt you on. Last week got hairy for me but I'm still going to get an article up on this. Can't believe you're already doing them!! Yipes I've got SO much to do!! LOL

Holly's Corner
Here via the Carnival of Family Fun ;o)


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (9:18 am) : 

Hey Holly, never mind, don't stress! (Although that's exactly what the holiday season entails. Bit of an oxymoron, eh?!)


Anonymous kailani said ... (7:18 pm) : 

Glad to know I'm not the only one who gets a head start on the holidays. My family always makes fun of me! Oh well, I usually have the last laugh come December!

Here via Carnival of Family Life.


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