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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Not one of the beautiful people

We decided to do some Christmas shopping this morning, and so bundled up the kids and set off for Chadstone.

For anyone not in the know, Chadstone is about the most famous, biggest, and best shopping centre ("mall") in Melbourne. It is about the only place you'll rub shoulders with the Prada-clicking heels of rich doctor's wives and the shlub who lives around the corner. We usually fit into that second category. However, I admit, when we do go to Chadstone, I do tend to dress it up a bit.

So, deciding to be funky, I wore this t-shirt.

Despite it being a colder day, I took off my jacket, so as not to obscure anyone's reading pleasure (whether or not it's the same pleasure as having an unobstructed view of my breasts is another question....)

Did I get any looks? Hmm...hard to say. At the coffee shop, where the average demographic was of 30-something men waiting for their lattes, then yes. But those looks could have just been the boob factor coming into effect.

Sometimes I thought I could see the tell-tale squinting as someone honed in on the words -- until I realised my nipples were erect. Damn air conditioning!

Otherwise, nuthin. NOTHING. I was a little disappointed until I realised that most other people there were wanting the same thing; to be looked at. So we were all a little self-obsessed. Which depressed me no end and I was quite thankful when Riley starting having a meltdown in the pram due to lack of sleep and we could go home.

Back to where we're normal. Dags, but normal.

But I still like my t-shirt. I'll give it another go next time :)

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Anonymous Kailani said ... (4:56 am) : 

Hi Karen

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Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (10:48 am) : 

Hi Kailani, wow, I know who you are, I check out your blog regularly. With a personal invitation, I'd better go check it out :) Thanks :)


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