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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What do I want for Christmas?

I’m serious. I never know what I want. I usually say “nothing” and truly mean it. Of course, by the same token, that doesn’t mean I don’t get that same thrill of opening presents as the next person.

This year, Adam has said to me, “Write a list of at least twenty things you want for Christmas”. Twenty! Good Lord. (Note: I wont get twenty things, he just likes a range to pick from)

My problem is, when I do think of something I want, it’s pretty boring.

What is an idea for a present that’s a) not too expensive b) practical and yet c) pretty cool? Something you’d be likely to get out again later in the day and not be lost amongst the torn wrapping paper, to be mistakenly chucked out.

Better yet, why don't you tell me what YOU want for Christmas?!

Comments on "What do I want for Christmas?"


Blogger Tracey said ... (10:56 am) : 

I want for Christmas to be different. For it to be not about presents, but maybe just being able to do something enjoyable with your family without the pressure of what presents to buy, and who you HAVE to see, and what you HAVE to eat.

But then, you already know my feelings on Christmas!

Maybe I'll do my own blog entry on it. Sometime soon. When the stress really starts getting to me!!


Blogger Sean Carter said ... (9:07 pm) : 

Hey Karen, I know just the right thing for you... Take a look at my Christmas Blog to check out some really cool stuffs and unique ideas


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (8:40 am) : 

thanks T; I'll try to Sean :)


Anonymous pixie said ... (10:10 am) : 

Now I'm working, if I want something, I buy it. So I'm useless if anyone asks me what I want. Yet I get annoyed when people can't give me ideas for what to get them. I hate that I do everyone's shopping here. If I didn't go buy myself something from my brother he'd ask me the day before Christmas what I want. So it's come to this "I just ordered these ear-rings, give me twenty dollars." Then I give them to him when they arrive and he (or his wife most likely) wraps them.

Mum, well she gives me the money and I have to go buy my and son's presents. Her reasoning is "But you're so fussy. If I tried picking something out it would be the wrong colour, type or something." Yeah well trouble is I can't argue with that argument.

Then I end up asking family what they want if I can't think of anything. But I always go buy it, never send them to do it. So that's how I end up doing my shopping and theirs as well. Agh.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (10:51 am) : 

I feel your pain pix. The one thing worse than worrying about yourself at christmas, it's worrying about what to get other uncooperative people! Especially with adults, who, mostly, are working and like you can afford to buy what they want.

Times like these I wonder whether it's best to buy Oxfam chickens or other such for needy people instead. Would certainly be more 'beneficial'.


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