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Thursday, November 02, 2006

My run in with the law!

Yesterday, deciding to be crafty, we set out to get some cardboard boxes so Keira could make teddy playhouses or some such. The walk only takes two minutes to get to our local bottle shop; this takes us past our local police station, which is only about a one minute walk away (a fact I find most comforting). With Riley perched up top, we go and get various empty wine and scotch boxes of different sizes. These go in Keira’s part of the pram while she walks the rest of the way home.

As we pass the police station, two cops come out. They take a look at me, at the ‘goods’, at Keira and I’m sure they’re about to stamp me as an alcoholic, unfit mother when I pick up one of the boxes and wave it at them.

“These are empty”.

Ah! A look of relief passes over their faces. They both smile and wave us on and they hop in their patrol car and leave.

Tee hee!

Comments on "My run in with the law!"


Blogger Kristi said ... (1:00 pm) : 

Yes, they are empty because I drank all of it already!


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (1:32 pm) : 


Now, it occurs to me, I should've really played it up and pretended to be inebriated. THAT would've made an impression!!! (and possibly got me incarcerated)


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