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Thursday, November 09, 2006

'Things I don't understand' Friday

Most other blogs have a 'thing', a theme day. Here's my attempt at originality. I'll start my own!

1) I don't understand just how Britney and Kevin's divorce makes such big headlines. I mean BIG. You'd be forgiven for saying, "Reece and Ryan who?" With more important things happening in the world--like why does the Australian government always use Melbourne Cup day to slip important legislation through parliament. Or tries to-- I just don't see how it rates.

The position the media is taking seems to be "our little girl has come to her senses". Indeed, maybe that is so, but they're also making it out like it's not so much of a big deal: 'Sign a bit of paper, hand over a pay off settlement and then move along quick sticks, sing another song and everything will be hunky-dory'. That irritates me.

2) Why do people build little fences? I mean, silly fences that only come up to the knees. Are you expecting to be burglarised by elves sometime in the future? Do you think Santa brings with him evil minions? What confuses me even more is people build accompanying GATES to go with said fences. AND USE THEM. I saw a couple walk out of their home the other day, and the husband lovingly opens this tiny little gate for his wife, which was really cute, but I thought, "Just step over the damn thing!"

Do you know what I want to do? Buy a garden gnome and leave it overnight, just outside the gate, waiting. It's purposes unknown: friend or foe?

That'll screw with their heads!

Comments on "'Things I don't understand' Friday"


Blogger Tracey said ... (9:08 am) : 

I don't understand why Misc Mum is having a 'Things I Don't Understand Friday' on a Thursday !!!


Anonymous Shelly said ... (10:19 am) : 

Yes!! I hate those little fences too! What's the point of them??


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (10:45 am) : 

Er, just checking how eagle eyed my readers are, T ;)

Acutally, I'm extremely tired. I think I need another blood test. This can't be normal.

shelly, glad to know I'm not alone :)


Blogger Tracey said ... (10:52 am) : 

What is a real worry is that you had me checking on what day of the week it actually was!! LOL.... Hang on.. I could have sworn it was only Thursday... I know I'm a bit confused this week because of the 'day off' on Monday coming back from Sydney... but....???


Blogger my musings said ... (2:41 pm) : 

Iwondered about the day too. Where I am, it's still Wednesday....at least I think it is....I've been wrong before. Karen, I love your sense of humor.


Anonymous Elizabeth said ... (3:25 pm) : 

I'm too busy laughing over the friend or foe bit to worry over the day of the week.


Anonymous Kerri said ... (5:52 pm) : 

I've thought that about the fences, too. Hadn't gotten creative enough, though, to think of the tiny intruder!


Anonymous pixie said ... (8:04 pm) : 

Totally unrelated, but here's a link for you if you're interested. A friend on gaia mentioned it. You have to write 50k words for November. Most likely I'm giving you this too late but I wondered if you had heard of it.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (8:21 pm) : 

Thanks everybody, glad I could amuse/entertain.

pixie, yes I know of that site. I'm actually (unofficially) doing it's sister competition here:


For Blogs. I also did mention it in passing on another board you and I frequent ;)


Anonymous Kate said ... (8:57 pm) : 

I don't understand any of these things either. And you, Karen, have been jolted at Babylune.



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