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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The day has come



My Birthday. I've slid another year down the muddy slope closer to Thirty. The big 3-0. I don't think I'll start the therapy for that one until a bit later. As long as I've still got a 2-something, I can cope.

(I must have a hang up about getting older.)

I've gotten flowers (thank you husband). I've won $26 on scratchie lottery tickets. I've got a brand new Robbie Williams DVD. So, I'm content.

But, as usual, I've got the birthday blues. Don't know why.

Can't stay. Gotta chase a baby around the house.


Comments on "The day has come"


Blogger Tracey said ... (9:31 am) : 

Happy Birthday, glass half empty girl. What are you doing even _saying_ the number 30 if you haven't turned it yet? Spill. How old? Say it and be proud.

Just realise that compared to some (like me) you're a spring chicken. If you're on the muddy slope, I hate to think where I am.

Rejoice. Late 20s and on, you're not a 'kid' anymore. You're old enough to have a few years of wisdom and experience behind you... but still young enough to look good.

And if you're feeling old, each birthday spare a thought for your parents.. how old must they be feeling?!

(Have I helped?!!)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:33 am) : 

Misc Mum has turned 29 today.

I really hope that this Anonymous post is untraceable....


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (1:07 pm) : 

Hello anonymous (I think its YOU Adam!) you know full well you'd get a rise because I am not 29, but 28

Damn, I fell for the bait ;)


Blogger Tracey said ... (1:17 pm) : 

Only 28? Not even close to being a sprung chook. :p


Blogger Tracey said ... (1:18 pm) : 

*afterthought*... You're really just 18, with 10 years experience.


Anonymous Shelly said ... (2:42 pm) : 

I have a clear memory of miscmum's tears when she turned 20, upon her realisation that she was halfway to 40. Remember that? What is your opinion on that particular frame of mind now, miscmum? Do you still wish you were 20 or are you happy with the experiences you have accumulated since then?


Blogger jeanie said ... (7:55 am) : 

Happy Brithday!!!

lol - 28 is nothing - double 14, who wants to be 14 - twice??

Great year if I recall, I hope the next 28 are wonderful too!!!


Blogger Elizabeth said ... (12:41 pm) : 

Just wait til you get to 59 and worry all year about turning 60 only to discover the sky didn't fall and nobody was waiting to try and drag you off to the old age home.

I've started counted the years left. 35 sounds good to me and that's even more years than you've been on this earth breathing. *grin*


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (6:40 pm) : 

Hey, thanks everybody, I'm still getting emails and phonecalls and if nothing else I've remembered how nice it is people take the time to pass on greetings at birthdays.

So, thanks again


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