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Monday, December 04, 2006

When going to church can actually be entertaining

Yesterday, as we were all up, the kids and I accompanied mum to mass. As Keira has not been in a very long time, I was interested to see what she’d make of the experience. Like any other kid, after about 5 minutes she got wriggly and was more than relieved when it was over.

What I found hilarious was the running commentary:
“Mum, where’s Nan going?” (My mother was on every ‘job’ going, like doing readings and offertory. If you don’t know what that means….well, in sum they’re some of the many rituals that make up a Catholic Mass.)
“Mum, look, pottys!” (I don’t think the priest would be amused to hear his confessional rooms as likened to a row of public toilets.)

This was the clincher:
“Mum, look, a PRINCESS!”
“No, Keira, it’s a statue of Mary.”
“No…” Oh, God, how to explain? “Just Mary Mum.”

There were people sniggering to themselves all around us. To give Keira some dues, anyone to her in long, flowing robes could very well be a Princess – one of those ones I’ve talked about before – and so she just came to a quick conclusion. Of course, by that reasoning, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, the Dalai Lama, and the Pope could all be ‘princesses’. Let’s hope not.

Ok, to the events of the past few days, and this is a mini ‘Things I don’t understand Friday’ (albeit late)

1) Why does your baby decide to fall asleep in the plane the very second it touches down in its destination?
2) Why, when I’d been packing all week, did I not pack enough pants for Riley or t-shirts for Keira? I’m sure I put more in. Where did they go? So, we’re been washing every few days…

…oh, which reminds me, I’ve got to hang some out on the line!

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