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Thursday, January 04, 2007

A mish-mash day

I couldn't sleep last night (ironic, as Riley slept better for a change) but then from about 4am onward I had vivid dreams, one including my old dream-pal James Spader, so needless to say I've woken up this morning a little befuddled and not in the least bit sorry he visited me nocturnally ;)

I don't have much news today, other than it's hot, hot and once again I think we'll be confined indoors from lunchtime onwards.

But I did want to refer you all to this awesome site of Jason's

Thanks to him I've discovered some great stuff out there. Like, I have a brain that is neither male or female (like him). Or, if you know my love of maps, I was very excited to find a site devoted to strange maps. Our sci-fi or comic fans amongst us will enjoy seeing a map of Gotham City, or Tatooine. Plus, he uploads stuff all the time.


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