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Saturday, February 24, 2007

The dear sweet sound of...

UPDATE: You know what my definition of bliss today was? Sitting on the couch in my underwear (hey, I'd just walked on the treadmill) and watching all of the original Poseiden Adventure in all its B-Movie gloriousness. Nothing like the sight of Red Buttons scurrying around like a little mouse and Shelly Winters hitching up her skirts whilst wet to make one feel better about themselves.


My gosh, it's raining. FINALLY. I have been starved of that sweet staccato for so long.

People think Melbourne is constantly wet and raining. Not so. Certainly not in the six plus years we've been living here (that long already?) at least.

This weekend I'm resolved to be quiet with myself, remove some static that I always seem to attract. My mother left on Thursday and I'm feeling better, thanks all. I've even had a few phone calls off people, which gladdens me no end, if for no other reason that it means that some of my nearest and dearest actually read this blog, the reason why I began it in the first place.

Riley's sleeping is no better, though. I postponed controlled crying (ha! victory for the infant! says non-CCers) until...well, I have a few excuses. His teething. The heat. Until Adam can help me with it. Perhaps because I pretend otherwise here, I despise hearing him cry.

Well, that's my world for you. What you all doing this weekend?

Comments on "The dear sweet sound of..."


Blogger strauss said ... (12:11 pm) : 

So glad you are feeling better.
Last night I slept in a Winnebago (HA) it rained heavily..or snowed, but teh soudn on thevan roof sounded EXACTLY like a bvunch of balls rattling around the x-lotto thingy when they do the draw....wierd.


Blogger Di said ... (2:16 pm) : 

I must be hopelessly easily amused, but it tickles me to read your Saturday post when it's Friday here!


Blogger scribbit said ... (7:00 pm) : 

I love it when we get our one yearly thunderstorm, it's so exotic and fun.


Blogger Julie Q. said ... (2:53 pm) : 

Love the alliteration (starved of that sweet staccato). Nice phrase.

I'm procrastinating the crying it out thing too. I keep thinking Nora's coming down with something or still getting over her ear infection or recovering from the trip... She doesn't know what awaits when I finally get up the courage to go through with it.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (3:28 pm) : 

strauss - thanks :) I lvoe rain sounds to sleep by, but yours could almost be too much!

di - well, I do that every friday! come by and have a giggle then ;)

scribbit - thats about our quota too. I used to live in the subtropics though, when we'd get one every week or so.

Julie - I feel you. I so do. If we both do it at the same time, I'll have your back if you have mine :)


Blogger jeanie said ... (4:52 pm) : 

I has been raining a lot here in the last month, but I know what it is like to ache for rain.

I never had the worry about controlled crying as when my daughter was 7 months old her crying didn't wake me!!! lol - she was also in the bed next to me, so the milk bar was on tap - does wonders for the deprivation - not too crash hot on the whole weaning and self sleeping routine but as you know (with 2) there are 100 ways to do anything about raising a child, and odds are whichever one you chose someone will have a contrary opinion to you!!!


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