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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Backup has arrived!

Karen is preparing mother's blow-up mattress for bedtime. It is hot - still 32 degrees at 9.00pm.

Mother: No! No! Don't worry about that, I can sleep on the couch.
Me: Mum, you are NOT sleeping on the couch.
Mother: But I enjoy sleeping on them.
Me (scoffs): Sure you do. You might! But not this one.

(Our couch, though leather, so cooler, would be as comfortable as a POW camp stretcher)

Me: Ah, it's so nice though to have someone here take the 'Mother Martyr' sceptre off me for a little while. Seriously, it was becoming too much.

Thanks everyone for your kind words yesterday - no negatives, not even a slippery anonymous email saying I am the scourge of motherdom for letting a baby cry (but they will come....oh yes they will). To them I shall say, "Gee, you should hear him then when I put him in a bath of scalding water."

Wow - I am even making a joke. I must be feeling better.

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Blogger Kimberly said ... (9:50 am) : 

Sarcasm is the perfect response to idiocy. =P


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