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Friday, February 23, 2007

What would the resume of a Disney Princess look like?

Yes, I'm talking about Disney Princesses again.

Actually, I must have become desensitised to their presence in this house. Because, let's face it, their invasion is almost complete. I see flashes of swirly skirts and tiaras everywhere: whether it be on bed linen, clocks, books, clothes, or backpacks. I am beginning to believe that lurid pink is a legitimate base for interior design and paint. I can't help but smile when Keira puts on one of her crowns and dress-up dresses and prances all over the house. I used to be that girl, too. I can't deny it any longer.

Take a look at this though:

"Where's Ariel?"

Ariel from The Little Mermaid was indeed absent when she normally makes the fifth princess.

"Perhaps it's an example of aquatic discrimination," I said. "The purely land-based princesses are marginalising the mermaid for social reasons unknown to us."

Keira looks at me blankly.

I tried again, without the sarcasm. "She was sick the day they took this photo".

Keira looks satisfied with this answer. Then she comes out with,

"Jasmine rides a carpet."

"Yes she does."

"Cinderella dances."


"What does Sleeping Beauty do?"

Good question. "Uh - sleeps?"

Right. I mean, what else does she do when you think about it? Prick her finger, I guess.

"What does Belle do?"

Another good question. "She looks after the Beast."

Get out of there Belle!! Don't sell yourself to domestic slavery to a Beast and a couple of talking candlesticks! You're better off back with your dad, at least it's honest work!**

Have I said lately why I love living with a near preschooler? She's getting sharp. I like how she's somehow figured out that us adults have primary occupations of our time, like "work" or something to "do" in her words. And I like how she doesn't know gender distinctions or stereotypes that may bog down her imagination. I shall have to come up with some pretty creative answers if I'm to keep that alive, don't you think? Because if these Princesses ever stepped out of cartoon land into the real world, they'd need a darn good resume writer to pad out their credentials.

**Note I haven't watched Beauty and the Beast for over fifteen years. I assume the elderly gent was her father?

Comments on "What would the resume of a Disney Princess look like?"


Blogger jeanie said ... (9:19 am) : 

Yep that was her Dad I think - although I never knew the story pre-child and may have been swayed by all the sequels - you know, Christmas Special, Princess Special - blurgh.

We luckily weren't too princessed - at the start of school, however, my brown-eyed girl put them as wide and puppy like as possible and informed me that she was the ONLY GIRL in Grade 1 who didn't have a My Little Pony - we have more than made up for that shortfall now!!!


Blogger Kimberly said ... (12:14 pm) : 

I love the last bit of your post...got me all soppy and sentimental about my 2.5 year old...the concepts she's grasping and the hilarious ideas she's coming out with. And there's so much more to look forward to...

...like Disney princesses apparently. Heaven help me. =P


Blogger Babystepper said ... (12:55 pm) : 

Well, your little one has got one thing already that none of these princesses has. Namely, a mommy. (Except maybe Sleeping Beauty)


Anonymous Shelly said ... (2:37 pm) : 

Good point. Sleeping beauty has a mum, but that's about it (I have no idea about Princess Jasmine, I never saw Aladdin). What does Disney have against mum characters?


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (6:07 pm) : 

Well, I don't think Disney invented these stories, did he/the company?

Turns out, most fairy tales (like the original Brothers Grimm stories) are quite nasty, violent bloody. They were just cleaned up shortly after the middle ages, around the time when kids were stopped being considered 'little adults' and more like the 'little innocents' they still are today.

*takes my academic hat off*

So, my point....theres one there somehwere. surely


Blogger TrudyJ said ... (10:38 am) : 

Belle is actually not a bad role model as Disney Princesses go. She may not have much of a resume but she reads a lot (as well as helping out her dad, who is an inventor, so I guess that could go on her resume). The other girls in town tease her for always having her nose in a book. The Disney version of B&B is actually the geeky bookworm girl's fairy tale -- fall in love with the perfect bad boy, tame in, and go life in his castle chock-full of book (Beast wins Belle over initially by giving her access to the library, IIRC).


Anonymous SingForHim @ Real Life said ... (12:16 am) : 

I loved this post! We are inundated with princesses as well. One day, while shopping, we saw something with only these four princesses, my 6 year-old, unprovoked, says, "Mom, I guess Ariel couldn't be in the picture because she has to go under the sea, right?" So you're not the only one who noticed!

I loved your bit about Belle!


Anonymous lynnae @ from under the clutter said ... (12:35 pm) : 

I love it! You have a great sense of humor!


Blogger carrie said ... (10:43 pm) : 

Ariel isn't in the picture because the picture was taken on land and Ariel couldn't make it because it was her day to wear her fins...

Oh and Sleeping Beauty's Job is to be patient....she's waiting for her prince...

Love it!! Great sense of humor!!


Blogger Shalene said ... (1:22 am) : 

Too cute! How did I manage to miss out on having to deal with all the princesses? I have 3 girls and very little princess stuff. I have Barbie and Bratz instead. Oh yeah, and Pollys. I think they're even worse! Love girls. (I think I like the hot wheels of boys more- I have one sone.) :) Blessings to you and your little ones. In Him,


Blogger Kim said ... (8:15 am) : 

I think the Disney princess craze came about after my daughter was too old for such things. I have a feeling that's a good thing!

The Little Mermaid disturbs me because she was just so darned sure how in love she was with a guy she only saw once at the grand old age of 16. She was a putz!

Perhaps Sleeping Beauty could get a job doing sleep studies. She could tout "I spent years studying the benefits and ramifications of deep REM sleep."

Kim @ TheBitterBall


Blogger The Surrendered Scribe said ... (12:18 pm) : 

This was cute! The one I wonder about is Aurora? I see her on a lot of Princess things. Who is she and where did she come from?


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (8:19 pm) : 

Aurora is Sleeping Beauty's 'real' name - is that what you meant? :)


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