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Monday, February 19, 2007

Operation Control Crying has begun

It was a battle plan of epic strategy. Well, I made it out to be I guess. The biggest problem was what to do with Keira. The heat was terrible and couldn't have slept in her room last night; Riley screaming or no screaming.

So I suggested she camp out in the lounge room with Nan. Under the air conditioning. She is normally pretty precious about her bed and her own space, so I expected a 'no', but instead there was a "YEAH, OK!" and proceeded to help us drag her mattress and linen out. Then from 7pm onwards she kept asking, "Can I go to bed yet?" If only she was this keen to go to bed at an early hour usually.

Without having to worry about her comfort, I turned my attention to Riley. Here's how our night went:

10.52 - 11.29pm - CRYING. Of various levels of volume and type. Mostly, when I went in there, he kept pointing at my breasts and grabbing for them (So not unlike every other night I go to bed in my own room) but he wasn't especially hungry. Just angry: "HOW DARE YOU TAKE MY BOOBS AWAY!!"

12.45am - OK, this time he was hungry. And I was too tired to argue. Feed.

5.30am - FEED

This may look like the feeding patterns of say, oh, a three or four month old. For the record, Riley was sleeping through at that age. It just went downhill at about 7 months.

But I slept. And I dreamed. I woke up this morning at a level of freshness that is quite alien these days. And Riley has woken up none the worse.

Tonight's challenge: Cut out that 12.45am feed. Or stretch it out to cut out the other one.


Comments on "Operation Control Crying has begun"


Blogger strauss said ... (8:25 am) : 

I hope you don't egt any nasty emails - how horrid.
Good luck with it all, and hope you feel better soon with your Mum there, she sounds sweet.


Blogger Tracey said ... (9:16 am) : 

I love the "can I go to bed yet?" line from Keira. Don't you wish you had something 'novel' like that every night. Even when the kids are as old as mine, I feel like pulling out the champagne if one of them takes themself off to bed unasked, and unnagged.

As for the CC... Be tough, be strong. To me when they are getting old enough to be specifically demanding and pointing to what they want like that, then you can remind yourself that they are not fragile little newborns, where you are worried about their weight gain, etc etc. It's basically a tantrum because he wants a specific comfort. Your boobs. I'm no early childhood nurse, but he doesn't look like he needs the food... surely!!

I was kind of lucky in that I had no choice with mine... my nipples were so tender and it took all my willpower to breastfeed in the first place, I just couldn't be a pacifier for them. So I had to be tough straight up... (silver linings...) And when the other option was getting them a bottle which you knew they didn't need, then that made it much more clear cut.

If it makes you feel any better, when C was nearly 12 months (somewhere about that time; she was walking, but she walked at 10 months).. she would climb out of her cot every night..... so we had to wedge her bedroom door shut. She would scream and scream and scream... and eventually crashed out on the floor. (On one occasion right against the door!) It was a few occasions of that.. but it was worth it, because it stopped. Cruel, hard horrible parents that we were...!!


Blogger Tracey said ... (9:18 am) : 

Just had a flash of inspiration. Your best bet might be to get Adam or your mum to go in to settle him at that time. No boobs there. Kitchen is closed. I know how hard it is to ask them to do that, but it might be the answer, and a quicker resolution in the long run...


Blogger Kimberly said ... (9:49 am) : 

Good luck...it's such a tough road, but it's worth it! Really! I'm too tired to be any more eloquent than that. =P


Blogger jeanie said ... (1:53 pm) : 

Good luck!!! The most important thing in a child's life is its mother's sanity, and sleep deprivation is a biggie for taking that away.


Anonymous Shelly said ... (2:38 pm) : 

I liked Tracey's idea of Adam going in to settle Riley. If mum did it then it might in the long term not work because if Riley likes her midnight visits, then they are suddenly taken away, there might be an unhappy little ginger haired boy...Make the most of mum while she's there- she's a good mum, our mum...


Blogger Tracey said ... (10:32 pm) : 

All good in theory of course. I know how bad I would have felt making the daddy get up in the night when he had to go to work.

When you're the SAHM, no matter how old the baby/child is, you feel like you should be doing everything... which is probably half the problem, because it's a 24/7 job... You still need to function in the day too...

It's a hard one.. no right answers... sometimes I think it's trial and error...

Hope you get some joy tonight...


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (9:49 am) : 

Well, Adam has gone in in the past, to varying degrees of success. Sometimes Riley grunts contemptously ("Oh, it's YOU") and rolls over and goes back to sleep. Or he gets just as upset.

But tracey is right, I do feel bad making him get up when he does have to work. Not that he sleeps through the noise. The other night, he just got up and read a book until Riley went back to sleep.

Thanks for the comments, guys. :)


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