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Monday, February 05, 2007

Excercising my right as a consumer

Dear Elle Macpherson

Look, I'm wearing your bra! I have to say, first, that it truly is a fabulous bra. Best breastfeeding one there is, as far as I'm concerned. Pricey, yes, but I'm still wearing the original one I had when I was pregnant with Keira. It's being held together at the back with chicken wire and a quick prayer these days, but it's still doing the job. You can't say I'm not getting value for my money.


(Come on, you knew I was building up to something)

It's too lacy! I can't wear any scoop neck t-shirts!

It's not all your fault. My ample DD decolletage really does require all that extra fabric. You can't hold up a landslide with a butterfly net, now can you? But it's depressing - there is almost as much fabric in my bras as in my undies. And there are plenty of other 'half cup' looking maternity bras on the market I could try. And I have. But I don't like them. Which brings us back to now.

I shouldn't complain. I have no idea what old-fashioned maternity bras look like but I imagine they were completely utilitarian in design, starched, and only came in flesh toned colour. Even now, you can't get them in many colours. Pink is about the most exotic. How about a brash tartan? Or loud Hawaiian print? Oh, that's right, we're lactating. We can't be sexy too. Wouldn't want to blind the kid before he gets properly 'flashed' with a nipple.

In sum: VLO (visible lace overflow) isn't a pretty sight. But you can be sure I'll be sorry come the day when I get to trade it in for my old underwires again. Because then my baby won't be a baby anymore.

Comments on "Excercising my right as a consumer"


Anonymous pixie said ... (8:41 pm) : 

Once I discovered Berlei's Barely There, that's all I ever wear in Summer and they come out in several new shades every season. And they're soooo comfortable. I can't wear lacy with t-shirts. Needless to say my bras are more interesting in Winter.

Don't you love how A Current Affair (not that I watch it, but occasionally Dad flicks the channel past it) has a story on a miracle bra on a regular basis? Gee there must be lots of miracles. Or hmm, lots of sponsors?


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (2:16 pm) : 

I knew I could lure you in with a comment on this subject, pix :) ;)

to answer your question, I'd say....sponsors


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