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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Well, actually...

Keira's favourite word at the moment is "actually". Showing her potential in a possible career in writing, she is using this word to it's fullest potential in an example of what my former writing teacher used to say: "make your verbs count". (Even though 'actually' is an adverb, it's close enough).

She's beginning to sound like a right little-miss. Consider this:

We're on a walk. As usual, there is a murder of crows* lined up along our power lines near our house.

"Mum, what are they?"
"Crows, honey"
"No, they're Magpies"
Impressed by her knowledge of birds, I didn't correct her. I didn't need too. She rushed on to add:
"No, ACTUALLY, they're birds mum."

Well, stone me too. I had no answer for that. Except to splutter, "Well, yes, you're certainly right there."

Maybe she'll be a lawyer too: become master of the doublespeak and badgerer of witnesses.

I'd better sharpen up my debating skills.

*what an odd choice to make the collective noun of crows to be. I wonder how they chose that? Whoever 'they' are....

Comments on "Well, actually..."


Blogger Kimberly said ... (1:44 pm) : 

I love hearing about kids that are so chock full of personality! Adorable as most are, some are quite simply, boring. Looks like you have a real firecracker on your hands! Have fun with it!


Blogger jeanie said ... (3:29 pm) : 

Actually, that was/is my daughter's favourite word - and if they get the emphasis JUST RIGHT, it can sound soooo grown up!!


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (8:04 pm) : 

Thanks Kimberley - I'll always have stuff to put here, I think

jeanie - you're so right. That's funny its your daughter's fav word.


Anonymous pixie said ... (8:28 pm) : 

Oh boy I remember when son discovered that word. LOL

It amazes me that they use it correctly. I mean it's a difficult word to explain if you had to tell someone what it means or how it's used.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (2:15 pm) : 

Now you mention it, youre right pix!


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