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Monday, March 05, 2007

Drowning in stationery

UPDATED: I FOUND IT! I have ten files named "Karen's work". It was in the 10th one. Naturally.

I love writing paper. I love office supplies stores. I love cracking open a spiral bound writing pad and just going for it - whether it be note taking, brainstorming, journaling, 'proper' writing/drafting, to-do lists, anything.

Unfortunately, I start a new one before the old one is half finished. I start a new one for a new project - and as I've usually got something 'cooking' I end up with a plethora of papers and disorganisation.

Which bothers me today, because in one exercise book tucked away somewhere I THOUGHT I knew where, is Riley's birth story, which I was going to type up for the end of the week. But I can't find it anywhere. I did see it a while ago when I was searching for something else...

Then I thought to myself, "Hey, didn't I type it up anyway?" A comprehensive search of all ten* of our hard drives proved that, alas, I had not. Unlike Keira's, which I had typed up within days of bringing her home from the hospital.

Grrr! Cross fingers I can find it because if nothing else this will really peeve me off on a day when I don't need it.

Why? Here's how my night last night went:

Riley up at: 10pm, 11pm, 12.30am, 2.30am.

At the last one, I'd had it. I picked him up and held him. This time he didn't even root for the boob. He just stared around at the room, bored. I swear, if he'd had a watch on, he'd have looked at it pointedly ("Come on woman, put me back asleep, time's a-wastin'"). I have succumbed to a minor cold, so was not in the mood for this, so put him down in the cot, and left him at it. Once he discovered I was NOT coming back, he proceeded to scream for the next 45 minutes flat. Then slept until 8.30am this morning. A miracle.

Summary: Mission to locate certain notebook and sort out non-sleeping child still operational. Outlook: hopeful.

*An exaggeration. We only have about five

Comments on "Drowning in stationery"


Blogger Kimberly said ... (5:27 pm) : 

You poor thing! I don't have to imagine how exhausted you are because I've been there!

Got a good giggle over the bit about the notebooks - I do the exact same thing. It defies understanding, doesn't it? I'm always starting notebooks for various purposes, losing them, using them for scrap paper, getting grumpy that half the pages are gone and starting a new one...losing it. It's maddening, really. Good luck finding it!


Blogger Tracey said ... (5:51 pm) : 

Oh yes, I'm a 'new' stationery whore as well. I love stationery aisles in shops. First aisle I go down in Woollies, and I always want to buy something.
And I do that with notebooks too.

I don't know how you are operating on that sort of sleep deprivation. I think you learnt something with that last bit. You might have to put up with more screaming, but you might just find it will only be a few nights worth in the end when he realises you mean business. He's not a newborn, he's twelve months!! (I can't believe how fast that year has gone!)... Go for it. Good luck!


Blogger strauss said ... (4:15 am) : 

Yep I have a zillion note books on the go too and I love fniding beautiful note books, but then want to keep it to write soemthign "special" in, but what is special? So I end up marring the perfect untainted pages with waffle - oh well.


Blogger Amydeanne said ... (10:47 am) : 

we rarely have a full night sleep here! So if you figure it out, let me know!!
I love stationary, but have to contain myself from buying it since we do so much computer work these days!

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