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Monday, March 05, 2007

It's a party -yeah! - you're all invited!! **

I have hopped on the party bandwagon. I can't help myself.

For those not in the know, the point of the party is to get to know other bloggers, 'put yourself out there', and have fun. Well, why not.

A quote from 5minutesformom: "This Blog Party is all about meeting people – so put out some food, turn up the music and tell us a bit about yourself."

Now, that is a toughie as I have pretty much put all there is about me in my "About Me" page, but to bring you up to speed, here's what's currently happening in our little world:

1) My son is about to turn one and swaps between total fasting and being permanently attached to my breast. He is an adorable strawberry blonde, but with the temper of a full-blown redhead.

2) My daughter is turning three next month. She wishes she was a fairy. No, she wishes she was a fairy-butterfly because that's even better. She is a far cry from the tomboy I supposedly was when I was a toddler. Secretly though, I think I am more like her than I let on.

3) My husband is about to turn thirty. A milestone he (seemingly) is blase' about, but then he is blase' about most things. Except computers. He would lick them if was socially acceptable to do so. Secretly, he probably does anyway.

Anyway, that's us. Stick around. For my regular readers, OK, I'll stop this disgusting display of self-promotion right. NOW.

**Another gratuitous Hi-5 quotation. Honestly, I need to stop.

Comments on "It's a party -yeah! - you're all invited!! **"


Blogger Amber said ... (8:11 am) : 

Glad to be the first one at your party (I made a belated entrance yesterday as well!)

Sounds like we have kids almost exactly the same age: an almost 3-year-old daughter and an 8-month-old son, the latter of whom I had to wean last month during an extended trip. I still catch him gazing at 'em longingly...


Blogger it's me, Val said ... (8:36 am) : 

Aww...I really really like your blog! Your daughter is so beautiful! I love that picture of her holding your heart :) So glad you joined the party. It's a lot of fun! Stop by mine if you have a chance . . .
qHappy day to you!


Blogger blackpurl said ... (9:44 am) : 

just another party girl here... stop by and visit my place in Russia when you get a chance!


Blogger Kimberly said ... (10:10 am) : 

My almost three year old girl is getting obsessed with all things girly as well...~sigh~ Don't tell anyone, but I'm secretly enjoying it while pretending to be upset by her pandering to gender stereotypes. =P Happy party week to ya.


Blogger Jodi said ... (1:48 pm) : 

Saying hi from the party. I'm party hopping.


Blogger Kimberly said ... (7:11 am) : 

Just stopping by to say hi to your party. I'm having a bit of one today as well so come on by. My babe turns 2 today (3/7) so I'm up to my eyeballs with the details of the impromptu party we'll have this evening when I get off work. I enjoy our blog and your family. I LOVE your Dear Me thingie and will get around to that next. Thanks for putting it out there. Happy birthday to your son and I'll check back in for your "new" look.


Blogger Melissa said ... (12:38 am) : 

Nice to meet you! Enjoy the party


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