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Saturday, March 03, 2007

When a fight you're losing suddenly gets turned around

Me: Stand up straight, you're getting an old man paunch.

Adam: Well, if I am it's all your fault.

Me (incredulous): How is that?

Adam: Because I work hard all week and come home and don't even get a massage. So, my back stays sore and I slouch and it's your fault.

Me: OK, so if you get colon cancer it'll be my fault because I didn't stop you eating a serve of red meat every day.

Adam: Yep.

Me: But what about all the good stuff I do, like serve up your vegetables. Shouldn't I then deserve the credit for extending your lifespan by whatever increment I am?

Adam: No, because I made the choice to eat said vegetables.

Me (desperate for a point): Then I won't cook them anymore then.

Adam (putting his hand behind his head, in the manner of the self-satisfied): (smugly) Fine by me then.

Me: I thought we were talking about your back.

Adam: No, you were.

Me: Just forget it.

Adam: Can I have that massage now?

Me: No.

Adam: Please?

Ha! Check-and-mate!

Comments on "When a fight you're losing suddenly gets turned around"


Blogger Kimberly said ... (9:16 am) : 

Okay, thank you soooo much for the giggle!

My hubby is a back-rub addict. It's the only aspect of life about which he pouts.


Blogger scribbit said ... (12:21 pm) : 

Oh he's tricky. Watch that one. :)


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (12:29 pm) : 

He is a sly one at at times :)


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