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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hearth is where the heart is

Some of the world's best food has come off this stove. My nan has never used a conventional oven. Her fuels are wood and a great sense of timing. Yummo.

Comments on "Hearth is where the heart is"


Blogger Celfyddydau said ... (9:09 am) : 

That's a great homey picture is the kettle on to boil? I could do with a cuppa


Blogger jams o donnell said ... (9:13 am) : 

Home is where the hearth is? Definitely a home on the range photo

Apologies for the puns!


Blogger Donna said ... (9:45 am) : 

Wow! I'd love to taste her cooking.


Blogger Comedy + said ... (10:29 am) : 

This is so cool. Reminds me of when I was growing up. I think that is the same stove too!


Anonymous Brian said ... (10:31 am) : 

Neat stove, What's for dinner?


Blogger Amber said ... (10:36 am) : 

Doesn't get any better than that combination!


Blogger whenn said ... (11:20 am) : 

That is so awesome! Wish i had that!


Anonymous Rav`N said ... (11:51 am) : 

what a graet picture. your nan must've been a good cook


Blogger Janet said ... (12:01 pm) : 

My grandmother taught me to cook on a woodstove. She used nothing else for as long as she lived. Good food!


Blogger Linda said ... (12:09 pm) : 

I love the brick work and that kettle sure looks inviting!


Blogger Celeste said ... (1:23 pm) : 

Love the stove!


Anonymous Jen said ... (1:43 pm) : 

wow I love old things like that
and wow your nan has never cooked on a modern stove dont think there would many people that could say that
mines up :)


Blogger maiylah said ... (2:09 pm) : 

food cooked this way always tastes the best!!! :)


Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said ... (4:11 pm) : 

That's cool. My WW is up too.


Blogger An Ordinary Mom said ... (5:02 pm) : 

I would love to taste something from this kitchen. Yum!


Blogger Shelly Kneupper Tucker said ... (7:07 pm) : 

Magnificent stove. Show us the rest of the house!


Blogger DebD said ... (9:55 pm) : 

I've cooked on a woodstove before. Its an art form to be sure.

Happy WW

Deb on the Run


Blogger Stephanie said ... (10:02 pm) : 

I would love something like that! I think I'd want my stove too, but that is classic!


Blogger Mike Thomas said ... (11:26 pm) : 

Looks very, very cozy...and the fact that it produces good food makes it all the more special ;)


Blogger annb said ... (12:09 am) : 

Great picture! Your Nan must be very talented. I have enough trouble on my electric stove "timing" things right!


Blogger Patty said ... (12:17 am) : 

Great food and great memories, it sounds like.


Blogger FelineFrisky said ... (3:12 am) : 

How marvelous! Rustic, yet comforting. Thank you! D :)


Anonymous jean said ... (5:41 am) : 

That would take a lot of learning for me to do! Congratulations to you and thank you for sharing.


Blogger A chuisle said ... (10:42 am) : 

that looks amazing. i've always wanted a stove like that. :)


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