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Monday, April 02, 2007

Early Easter treats and potential apologies

Yesterday a neighbour we're not too close too, a wave and a 'hi, how are you" about covers the relationship, brought over some Lindt Easter bunnies, one each for the kids. This was a lovely surprise, all the more when you consider the 'predicament' which occurs when one gives Easter eggs to a baby.

Riley is still at an age where you give him an Easter egg, and he'd rather eat the foil. Whereas Keira is old enough now to give a dissertation on the subtle differences of chocolate varieties on the palate.

Naturally, this leaves us with the question of what to do with Riley's chocolate. Chocolate in the past, passed through my breast milk, used to cause him to break out in terrible eczema. (Not so anymore, as it turns out). The question is solved by a conversation that usually goes like this:

Me: Would Riley like some Easter egg? (Breaking off a large-ish chunk for herself)
Riley: No answer, or, perhaps a grunt not related to the question
Me: OK, I'll eat it for you then buddy (Popping it into her mouth)

Adam: Riley, egg? No? OK (Pops it into his mouth, without even waiting for his son's response)

Ah, Easter's grand.

Now, the potential apologies. As of last night, an influx of interstate visitors has begun to arrive for our impending Adam/Keira/Riley combined birthday extravaganza on the weekend. Combined with Riley's Christening on Sunday, it's going to be a big-one, but will no doubt provide ample blogging material. So if I'm not around here as much, I'll make it up to you next week.

But in all honesty I may still be here, because I am a compulsive soul, with certain habits that are hard to break.

Comments on "Early Easter treats and potential apologies"


Blogger strauss said ... (8:54 am) : 

I know what you mean, and we feel no guilt in eating some of the excessive piles of easter eggs we get given for the kids. I that bad?


Blogger david santos said ... (8:55 am) : 

thanks for you work, have a good week


Blogger Tracey said ... (11:42 am) : 

Strangely enough the Easter Bunny only ever leaves Cadbury at this house! Only problem is the girls are old enough to have wised up to the fact that they might have one or two less chocolates the following morning. They go to extraordinary lengths to tie up or hide their stash. And then they dole out the odd egg now and then to their cadbury chocoholic mother, because they love her and know what's good for them!!

(This year I will be attempting to abstain as much as possible. Wish me luck!)


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (6:48 pm) : 

strauss - I reckon we call it a parental preogative!

Thanks David

Good luck ,T


Blogger scribbit said ... (7:28 am) : 

Kind of sad when you're happy about your children's food reactions, huh?

And you know I'm kidding. :)


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (8:11 pm) : 

The older he gets, the less of an excuse it is though, bugger it


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