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Friday, March 23, 2007

What 'Real Mothers' Do

Gingajoy tagged me for the meme, which spawned here I believe. I haven't been able to devote the brain cells I would've liked to it this week, but if I don't post something now, I never will. This is my version of what 'Real Mothers' do/are.

Real mothers serve dinner up for themselves last, but have no qualms about licking the cake bowl first - before the kids step in.

Real Mothers know when to complain aloud and when just to smile sheepishly in irony.

Real Mothers don't remember what 'normal' sleeping hours mean.

Real Mothers will have umpteen kinds of kids medicine in the cupboard, but run out of panadol for their headaches.

Real Mothers don't have time to take medicine for headaches.

Real Mothers fuss over pregnant women because they know what they're in for.

Real Mothers can think of about a dozen games to play with balls - after they're able to locate the ball to play with.

Real Mother just keep moving, working, loving, disciplining, living, hurting because that's what they do.

Real mothers can shoot rolled up socks into the washing machine from clear the other side of the house.

Real mothers can do the clothes sorting pretty much in their sleep, and allocate the laundry properly every time.

Real mothers will admit they do not do their laundry as often as they pretend to.

Phew, I'm spent!

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