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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Because my family are begging for photos....

....just not perhaps this one

Caption: for some reason, Adam and I are reminded of Different Strokes:

"Wha'cha talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

Comments on "Because my family are begging for photos...."


Blogger jams o donnell said ... (7:29 am) : 

Great photo!


Anonymous Autofocused said ... (7:48 am) : 

There looks to be some attitude there!


Blogger scribbit said ... (8:14 am) : 

But much cuter than Gary whatever-his-name-was.


Blogger Donna said ... (8:43 am) : 

Great caption!


Blogger MC Milker said ... (8:56 am) : 

cute shot


Blogger Holly said ... (9:31 am) : 

You realize of course that you just dated yourself as did I by acknowledging the catch phrase and the show. Last night watching 24 my hubby kept referring to Rick as "that silverspoons kid". LOL



Blogger Comedy + said ... (9:54 am) : 

How adorable. I think you are right about the caption. A little cutie there.


Anonymous Shelly said ... (10:20 am) : 

She's her mother's daughter


Anonymous Brian said ... (10:27 am) : 

Not Wordless Wednesday mommy!!


Blogger Celeste said ... (10:45 am) : 

Good catch!


Blogger jennyr said ... (12:08 pm) : 

looks like it! hehehe! my daughters get to that point too!


Blogger anyhowblogs said ... (1:13 pm) : 

Another kodak moment to put up on the walls.


Blogger Patty said ... (1:28 pm) : 

That only comes to mind 'cause that is the doubting face.


Blogger An Ordinary Mom said ... (2:47 pm) : 

What a priceless expression!


Blogger Gattina said ... (3:04 pm) : 

She seems not happy at all, lol !


Blogger whenn said ... (4:17 pm) : 

Lol! Too cute for words!


Blogger Kuanyin said ... (6:25 pm) : 

Oh what an adorable Funny Face!


Blogger moodswingingmommy said ... (1:40 am) : 

Your caption describes it to a T!


Blogger Michelle said ... (6:28 am) : 

Look at that expression!!!!
Happy WW!


Blogger madd said ... (9:16 am) : 

just love that face..happy WW..m


Anonymous Jenn in Holland said ... (8:18 pm) : 

Love it. This is about the same expression I get from my kids when I pull out the camera. Ugh. Not again, MOM!
Nice to find your blog.
Sorry about the daylight saving thing, we are having a struggle too. Only opposite to yours this far north.
Take care!


Blogger anyhowblogs said ... (8:44 pm) : 

Wordless Wednesday Guess-It's answer is up! Go on and see if you are one of the winners this week!


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