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Friday, April 13, 2007

Random Thoughts...on blogging etiquette

  1. I think I've been blogging too much lately.
  2. For example, the other night, I dreamt about Oh, The Joys.
  3. The dream in itself was rather uneventful: there were lots of computer monitors and profile names swirling about vertiginously, but Oh, The Joy's one kept popping out and talking to me.
  4. Now I've gone and admitted that...weirdness...here's another secret: I am still coming up to speed on blogging rules.
  5. For example, how do you refer to other bloggers? If I don't know the person in the flesh, or haven't even gone so far as to exchange emails, I normally refer to bloggers by their blog name. Some people prefer this, especially if they like keeping their anonymity, or if their blogging name is part of their 'brand'. But others mightn't care. For example, I'm talking about Oh, The Joys by that name, and not her real one, but I'm not sure if she'd mind either way? (Do tell me!)
  6. As for me, I don't care how I'm referred to, really, but to be honest "Misc Mum" is a more unique tag than "Karen" - (although there are undoubtedly many other excellent Karen blogger writers 'out there' who are using their own names proudly, and why not!)
  7. Another example would be Dooce. You say that name and everyone knows who you're talking about. Plain "Heather" could be a myriad of other people.
  8. What does all this mean?
  9. I find it interesting on how much power, respect and impressionability can be distilled right down to a 'name'. Some bloggers change their blogs and their names because they didn't like their original one or for more serious reasons, like being stalked or other such creepiness.

What about you? Are you happy with the blogging identity you've got now, or if you had your time over, what would you do differently?

Comments on "Random Thoughts...on blogging etiquette"


Blogger jeanie said ... (8:27 am) : 

How spooky MiscMum - I dreamed I babysat for some bloggers I read the night before last!!!


Blogger jeanie said ... (8:29 am) : 

Oh - and I have been Jeanie for a long time now - it is the internet me and allows me to hide a myriad of sins from those whom I do not wish to know me too well - all those who I have really met (or read some of my long-winded older posts) do know my rl identity.


Blogger Tracey said ... (11:14 am) : 

I just wish I'd been clever enough to come up with a nom-de-blog.


Anonymous fracas said ... (3:04 pm) : 

Having been on the receiving end of some threats by creepy people, I've always been pretty leery about using my real name online. Though my former online activity was such that lent itself to being a target (ran a pro-life message board some years ago) I still worry and so chose fracas.

I'm quite glad I did and though didn't entirely plan out how it would end up, the "fracas" brand thing is developing well. Maybe someday people will day "fracas" and like "dooce" people will know the site.

Yeah, I can dream. LOL.

You aren't weird miscmum. My dd's doctor told her it takes 1-2 hours for your brain to wind down after using the computer or watching tv so if you blog late, it's no wonder you dream about it.


Blogger Danielle said ... (4:33 pm) : 

Very thought provoking. I started out blogging with a more serious tone mainly focusing on politics and the environment during that time I didn't even reveal my first name. Then as I started reading others I loosen up. I go by my first name, post my photo from time to time but do not post pictures of my family or their names. I prefer to keep them in the shadows for privacy. I think bloggers build first a relationship with their blog and then their audience. If I were to change anything it would be adding more fun to my blog earlier.
I love Dooce too by the way.
Be well and enjoy the day


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (7:55 pm) : 

Jeanie - wow, I thought I'd be the only dreamer!

T - good quip ;)

fracas - really? creepy people? That would suck, so I can understand your decision.

danielle - Sometimes I wish I'd kepy my family stuff private, but as that's what I write about, it'd be hard


Blogger TeaMouse said ... (10:02 am) : 

I have never thought about it much - I know I am trying to keep my identity a bit secret - I'm not sure why...safety mainly I guess.

I prefer to be referred to as TeaMouse but if someone uses my real name it's no big deal - as who knows for sure if it's my real name or another nick I've created.

However, I guess I should be sensitive to others and use only blogging nicks to be safe.


Blogger Jamie said ... (10:28 am) : 

I do prefer the blog title as opposed to just the author's name. I like my blog title and I KNOW there are several other Jamie's out there.

I guess I wait to see if they sign their name on their comments or on the blog to see if they like their name being used in general....




Blogger scribbit said ... (12:09 pm) : 

Funny you'd say this, I don't mind it but I've thought it's kind of funny that people will refer to me as Scribbit rather than Michelle. I mean it's the name of my blog not my own name--but as you say, it helps keep the confusion down because I'm the unfortunate bearer of a very common name.

Plus I use the blog name to sign in (such as when I'm making comments).

I usually try to only refer to other bloggers publicly in the way they refer to themselves online so I don't give information that they might not want out.


Blogger Oh, The Joys said ... (4:31 am) : 

Did I look, you know, sexy in the dream?

(Totally kidding!)

You can call me Jessica.



Blogger House Dad said ... (8:32 pm) : 

Great blog, came via Shoshana's great blog. Always use the name House Dad on my blog, but if the update requires it, then I'll use my name, but not fussed either way though really.

House Dad/Lee


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