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Saturday, April 07, 2007

"Just don't mention the war"

The above is a quote from the famous television show, Fawlty Towers, starring John Cleese, from the 1970's. Many of you will be mystified by the reference; others will know exactly what it means. I don't have time to explain it today, so you'll just have to go with the flow...

...anyway, most of our visitors have arrived now, and the house is crammed with food, suitcases, presents for the kids (which they're loving), and pretty much every surface is covered with something-or-other. In the midst of this, Adam and I have been sleeping in a bedroom cursed again with the itchy-and-scratchings of rodents.

They were gone for a week and we were congratulating ourselves, but then no, they're back. So I ring the exterminators because we're still under warranty to tell them to get their poisoning asses back here. So, to their credit, they did immediately. TWO men this time. Word has spread we must be a tough case to crack. They come down from out of the roof and one tells me, "Do you know they've eaten holes through the metal lining? I can see daylight through one of them"...Now I was a) pleased with a solution to the problem but b) cranky that no-one told me this before. So, Adam had a job to do.

Which brings me back to my headline. Adam says to me, "PLEASE, please, don't talk about this at the party on the weekend."

This makes me laugh because several times yesterday, guests arrived to visit while he was up on the roof, elbow deep in steel wool and bitumen tape. "What are you doing up there?" they asked. And because we are truthful souls, we usually 'fessed up. So everybody already knows anyway. We have no shame. I don't anyway. When a photo of the placenta from Keira's birth flashed up on our computer once when a friend was visiting, I didn't raise an eyebrow (boy, she nearly tossed her biscuits though!); I can dance foolishly in public and not care (too) much. I snort when I laugh and can live with it. Tell me, do you have no shame either?

Anyway, I've got to get going. Today is Food Preparation Day and Cake Decorating Day.

Comments on ""Just don't mention the war""


Blogger strauss said ... (6:30 am) : 

HaHa, the placenta thing was hilarious! I think I might have been with your friend though :)
I never had the ummm fortune of seeing my own kids placentas, but saw a picture of one somwehere and felt rather grossed out - what an eeeeerrrrgly organ!


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (8:12 am) : 

I found it fascintaing - but I'm weird ;)


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