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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thirteen Things Happening in Our Household This Week

  1. Party Preparations for Weekend - are in full swing as you'll see below...
  2. Birthday Cake Dilemmas - after swearing for months she wanted a butterfly cake, Keira decided two days ago that instead she wanted a Dora the Explorer cake. Riiggggttt...
  3. Birthday Cake Dilemmas #2 - we can't decide if we want Riley's cake to be a '1' shape (for his age) or in a Christening theme (because that's what else it is!). It might be a mix of both
  4. We had the carpet cleaned! How extravagant!
  5. Jumping Castle booked!
  6. Food bought!
  7. Alcohol bought! (and with my family, it's kind of a prerequisite)
  8. Adam's sister has been with us already for a few days and has been a wonderful help. Those extra pair of hands really make a difference because...
  9. ....consequently, Riley has been much perkier this week, because he's feeling better and because there's lots going on (that's my guess, anyway)
  10. I've had my hair cut, coloured, eyebrows waxed etc to look my best (well, as close too)
  11. Keira has about five potential party dresses picked out for the day, and would wear each one if I let her.
  12. All this considered, I'm going to have to relax and let it all happen because already I'm getting stressed about it, and on a completely non-related subject...
  13. ...I've had another article accepted for publication. Woot!

Comments on "Thirteen Things Happening in Our Household This Week"


Blogger An Ordinary Mom said ... (10:10 am) : 

Why is April such a crazy month?

Congrats on the publication! Woo-hoo!

Make a butterfly cake with a Dora figurine on it :)!!


Blogger PJ said ... (10:14 am) : 

You've certainly had a busy week. Congrats on the article. Happy TT.


Blogger KarenW said ... (10:18 am) : 

Sounds like a lot of partying going on at your place. My dd turns 9 on Sunday and I don't have a clue what we are doing.


Blogger Ctina said ... (10:23 am) : 

Sounds like fun! :)


Blogger Mama Duck said ... (10:34 am) : 

Ooo, how exciting, I love parties! Sounds like fun to me ;).


Anonymous Gabrielle said ... (10:37 am) : 

Happy working and happy TT! :)


Blogger Janet said ... (10:52 am) : 

wow, you sure have a lot going on!


Anonymous sobeit said ... (11:07 am) : 

I'm suppose to help a friend shop for birthday party things and such tomorrow. It's so stressful. I remember having a cake and that was it! We just played outside!!! Hope everything goes as planned and everyone has a good time!! Happy TT!


Blogger Jill said ... (11:11 am) : 

Have fun, and like you said, don't forget to relax, and take time for you!!
Happy TT!!


Blogger Vader's Mom said ... (11:14 am) : 

Congrats on your article! That's great news.

And don't you just love clean carpets? We had ours cleaned on Friday.


Blogger Samantha Lucas said ... (1:40 pm) : 

Hey, never under estimate the power of a cleaned carpet. lol


Anonymous Shelly said ... (2:12 pm) : 

There was so much in there that makes the upcoming weekend sound fantastic. I particularly like the words "jumping castle"...


Blogger Ingrid said ... (5:10 pm) : 

it must have been one busy week for you! great T13 list this week!


Blogger Tilly Greene said ... (7:54 pm) : 

Number 12 is most important of all and congrats on 13!



Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said ... (11:21 pm) : 

Congratulations on your #13.
My T13 is up too.


Anonymous Angela Giles Klocke said ... (2:43 am) : 

Busy bees, eh? :)


Blogger Denise Patrick said ... (2:57 am) : 

Congrats on #13! But you said it right in #12 - RELAX!!


Blogger The Expatriate Chef said ... (3:10 am) : 

Number 7, alcohol buying is kind of a prerequisite for our family gatherings as well. Not because they want it, I just need it to get through the event myself.


Blogger Crystal Jordan said ... (4:49 am) : 

Hooray for clean carpets.


Blogger Nancy J. Bond said ... (6:31 am) : 

Sounds like a very busy household! I hope all your plans go well, and congrats on your article. Happy Easter. :)


Blogger Kuanyin said ... (7:26 am) : 

Congrats on your acceptance! And Happy Easter! Please stop by and wish my blog Who's Yo Mama a Happy Birthday...she's an old lady with 300 posts under her belt today!


Blogger impworks said ... (8:38 am) : 

Congratulations on #13


Blogger Dane Bramage said ... (12:03 pm) : 

Sounds like a busy week! Congrats on getting published again. My Thursday Thirteen is up. It's #36 and it is 13 things about my friend Scott's book Trucker's Tales. Stop by if you get a chance.


Blogger Tonya said ... (12:57 pm) : 

Sounds like me a few months ago with Nates 3rd birthday party.

Hope you have lots of fun!


Blogger scribbit said ... (2:57 pm) : 

Congratulations on the article, that's always kind of a thrill.


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