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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Happy Birthday for this week, little lady

Conversations with Keira since Sunday:

Keira: I'm still only three.
Me: You only just turned three a few days ago!
Keira: (Holding up four fingers) I'm almost four now!

It's going to be a long year....

Comments on "Happy Birthday for this week, little lady"


Blogger Melanie said ... (6:52 am) : 

She is beautiful!


Blogger Stacie said ... (6:54 am) : 

What a great photo. How did you do the spot color?


Blogger Alison said ... (6:56 am) : 

How beautiful for a nearly four year old!


Blogger jams o donnell said ... (6:57 am) : 

What a beautiful photo. I hope she has a wonderfuil birthday


Blogger Simone ( I will exercise for comments) said ... (7:05 am) : 

Love the use of colour. Great photo!


Blogger Donna said ... (7:14 am) : 

Like the others, I really like what you did with the color.


Blogger Celeste said ... (7:16 am) : 

Great shot!
love the chat!


Anonymous Autofocused said ... (7:18 am) : 

Sounds more like she's getting on for fourteen ;-)


Blogger tegdirb92 said ... (7:33 am) : 

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl! Hope your day was wonderful :)


Blogger Comedy + said ... (7:34 am) : 

They just want to grow up so fast. If they knew what most of us know they would just enjoy each day and not race to the next birthday. Yes, it's going to be a long year. You must have thrown a great birthday party??? Happy WW.


Blogger mcewen said ... (9:32 am) : 

I need to check out this wordless wednesday business - I didn't realise it was o.k. to comment!


Anonymous Sue said ... (9:48 am) : 

Awwww she is adorable! Happy WW!


Blogger Linda said ... (9:53 am) : 

You can't argue with the logic of a child!


Blogger Starrlight said ... (10:00 am) : 

That is a great picture!


Anonymous Julie said ... (10:38 am) : 

I love the selective color--that's one of my favorite tricks!


Anonymous Alissa said ... (12:34 pm) : 

What a pretty birthday girl!


Blogger Patois said ... (1:21 pm) : 

I think we should call her 5. After all, she's not a baby anymore. Beautiful!


Anonymous Adwina - Mom of 1 said ... (1:23 pm) : 

Wow, a great photo and a great touch!

And of course, a great pretty little girl.

Happy birthday, Keira...yes, you're almost 4...



Blogger NspiredByFaith said ... (2:07 pm) : 

What a cutie!


Blogger amy said ... (2:24 pm) : 

So very sweet

Im inviting all WWers and anyone else to join the scavenger hunt we started today on my blog. We are having a a great time and we have over 80 people playing!! and we have some cool prizes! It just started so there is plenty of time to sign up. Hope you will join us!!!


Blogger An Ordinary Mom said ... (4:04 pm) : 

GORGEOUS photo! Do tell me this is in a frame?

Happy birthday little lady!


Blogger Kuanyin said ... (5:38 pm) : 

Lovely photo! And Happy Birthday to your aging beauty queen!


Blogger maiylah said ... (6:09 pm) : 

such a sweet post, and lovely photo treatment!

happy ww!


Blogger whenn said ... (9:36 pm) : 

Happy birthday to her! Wow, she's beautiful! :)


Blogger Denise Patrick said ... (1:10 am) : 

Of course, almost four means nearly five! Hope she had a wonderful birthday.


Blogger Jamie said ... (1:50 am) : 

She is so adorable and looks a TON like you!!

Good job on making a cute kid.



Blogger Crazy Working Mom said ... (1:51 am) : 

Wow, that photo is lovely! She is a lovely big "almost 4 year old". :)


Blogger Shaz said ... (2:34 am) : 

Ah to be so preoccupied with age! I wished I was 3 or 4 even!


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (4:49 am) : 

She is a fine girl. Happy Birthday, Keira.


Blogger Danielle said ... (5:17 am) : 

Another lovely taurean.

Beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing.

Happy WW

Be well and enjoy the day


Blogger Qtpies7 said ... (6:09 am) : 

Why do they want to grow up so fast? My first baby is about to join the military, and my littlest baby is still a tiny baby at 6 months old.


Blogger MommyBa said ... (8:53 am) : 

Lovely photo!!!! Happy birthday to the little lady :)


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