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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I've got nuthin'

Seriously. I'm boring this week.

Inclement weather is keeping us indoors. Melbourne shootings are making me sad.

Here's a thought - tell me what you're doing right this second.

Comments on "I've got nuthin'"


Blogger Mary G said ... (1:08 pm) : 

Nah, you're never boring. This is kind of fun. What am I doing rtm, besides typing this? Cursing myself for not putting on sunscreen this afternoon when the sun came out while we were boating. Arms and neckline are now sunburned. Ouch. And the trouble with this kind of stupidity is that everyone can see it and *know* how dumb you were.
Oh well, I love peeling off the dead skin.
Well, you asked.


Blogger Kin said ... (3:15 pm) : 

I'm hiding in bed where it's warm. In tropical north queensland we're having the wettest June on record, and it's 11 Celcius inside my house. I have no heating and only one tracksuit. Kids are under the doona watching TV for the 4th day in a row.


Blogger Tracey said ... (3:28 pm) : 

Send the rain south-west kin! (not due south, we've had enough, though, really, we've had wonderful weather here lately. Having said that I've just jinxed myself I'm sure!)

What am I doing? Reading blogs. About to go up to school for youngest daughter's parent teacher meeting. Wondering if I should change out of the shorts I played tennis in. Probably. And chuck some more deodorant on too.


Anonymous Shelly said ... (3:40 pm) : 

RIght at the moment I am on my work computer trying to get the intranet page for our company leave system to work so I can log in the 1/2 day sick day I had yesterday. As the page is down I came here.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (4:37 pm) : 

mary g- We all pick off the dead skin ;)

kin - Can I join you?!

T - I need to the B-O basher too, I think....(comes from lugging around kids)

shelly - sick? poor vous :(


Anonymous Liz said ... (4:57 pm) : 

At the moment, in typical Miss Lizzy style, I am listening to my latest pop CD. Can you guess which one it could be?


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (5:38 pm) : 

Once upon a time I would have said Hanson ;)

But I'll guess...uh....Mika?


Blogger Di said ... (7:22 pm) : 

Waiting for the Ativan to kick in so I can fall back asleep!


Blogger Miss Frou Frou said ... (9:13 pm) : 

Reading blogs, and waiting for an ebay auction to end, when I should be getting dinner!


Blogger Kin said ... (11:20 pm) : 

Absolutely, my bed fits 2 adults, 2 kids and a dog, so there's plenty of room.

And anyone who wants the rain is welcome to it.


Anonymous Liz said ... (12:23 pm) : 

It was, in fact, Justin Timberlake! Heheheh!


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